5 Reasons Why Dumbledore Will Definitely Be In Fantastic Beasts

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them may not be a Harry Potter prequel or sequel, but I'm 100% sure that Albus Dumbledore will TOTALLY BE BACK for the new movie. Here's why:

1.The Book Itself

Tom Riddle me this: when JK Rowling released the Fantastic Beasts textbook for Comic Relief in 2001, who wrote the intro? If you've got a good memory or have been thumbing through your edition, you'll find it's none other than the Amazing Albus himself. Surely if Dumbledore's such an authority that he'd write the intro, he'll be a source of answers for Newt in the flick.

2. Timing

Most obviously, no other main Harry Potter characters have been born yet. Sure, Lily and James Potter are knocking about, but the audience doesn't have the same emotional investment in Harry's parents as they do in Dumbledore. It's first and foremost a Harry Potter spin-off movie – the studio's going to want to give the audience a sense of transition. Dumbledore's the ideal character to connect Fantastic Beasts back to the Harry Potter franchise.

3. Continuity

After a flurry of Wikipedia-ing, we've worked out that in 1918, the year the film is set, Albus would be in his forties. The Irish actor Michael Gambon, who played Dumbledore in the final six films may be in his early seventies, but he looks good for his age. Add some brown hair dye and some clever make up, and Michael Gambon could easily play the same role (the picture above was taken this year). Given that both Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson are busily crafting themselves grown-up thesp careers in indie movies and seem to be doing their best to avoid franchises, it seems unlikely that either will be persuaded to return for this movie. I'd wager Michael Gambon probably would, if the price was right. He'd be a familiar figure for the audience to latch onto in the midst of a completely new cast.

4. Balancing Characters

If part of the film is focused on Scamander's school-days, it makes sense for Dumbledore to have a fairly meaty role. Newt Scamander has the misfortune of attending Hogwarts under the reign of headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black (yup, Sirius’s grandfather), 'the least popular headmaster Hogwarts ever had'. Given that Phineas famously disliked Muggles and half-bloods, he would probably react with a certain amount of rage to Newt’s interest in werewolves and merpeople. Dumbledore would be a useful ideological counterpoint to this – his right-on views would balance out Phineas' mixed blood fascism, 'cause JK's all about balance. More on this in the next point…

5. Good vs. Evil

Let's face it, when you boil down Harry Potter to the very basics, what JK's really concerned with is the balance of good vs. evil. And actually, the two forces are balanced almost equally throughout the series – you'll find most evil characters have a good counterpart (for example, Harry replaces his bad Dursley family with the Weasleys, finds help from Professor MacGonagall when Snape makes his life tricky, etc.). Harry aside, Dumbledore is the most potent symbol of good in the series. Will JK and the studio really miss out on the chance of using him as such in the films?

Am I bang on the money or is my head in the clouds? Let me know your take below.

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