Hilarious celebrity reactions to the iOS 7.0 upgrade

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The new Apple iOS 7.0 update featured a beautiful new design and contained hundreds of new features. But not everyone felt the same way about it... Here are some of Hollywood's most candid reactions to the new iOS7 download:

1. Miley Cyrus, absolute selfie aficionado, learned that the iOS7 camera app is available in just ONE smooth swipe

2. ...while Nicki Minaj couldn't even work out how to use the camera

3. Justin Bieber was regretfully informed that Apple STILL have not developed that Bieb-yourself app he requested months ago

4. But Emma Stone didn't care, because she JUST GOT HER FIRST iPHONE!!!

5. Zac Efron liked the sound of new Siri. A lot.

6. But Britney Spears just couldn't get her head around the new interface...

7. ...Taylor Lautner couldn't belieeeve that his iPhone 4 now runs a little slower with the new upgrade...

8. ...Leonardo DiCaprio JUST realized what everyone has been talking about for the past month...

9. ...And poor old Nicolas Cage was just mesmerized by the pretty colors of the new app icons

10. Whereas Charlie Sheen? He don't need no iOS7 upgrade. There's no interface system more colorful and complicated in the world that the Charlie Sheen brain interface system.