'The Walking Dead's Maggie as you've never seen her before

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The folks on The Walking Dead don't exactly get dolled up very often. What with all the zombies, raids and general gruelling hardship, a bit of 'me time' is hard to come by.

Of course, in real life Lauren Cohan (who plays Maggie on The Walking Dead) is more fortunate. She recently did a photoshoot with Maxim magazine, where she looks rather lovely. It's fairly tasteful for a dude's mag, so is OK for work.

Gosh, she's just marvellous, isn't she? Just the sort of girl you'd like to fight for your life against hordes of ravenous Walkers with... The Walking Dead Season 4 begins on AMC, October 13. Can you bear to wait that long?

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Is Maggie your fave girl in 'The Walking Dead'?
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