Is a Franchise Crossover Dangerous Ground?

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In the DC Universe, few heroes get as much silver screen recognition as Batman. This dark, angry, highly trained superhero has touched the hearts of many, but seems to anger the other half. Iron Man is one of Marvel's most successful characters, getting 3 movies dedicated to him. All three of these films capture the attitude of Tony Stark, while showing the power of his alter ego. But what about movie crossovers?

People I talk to say that it should never happen because they are two totally different universes. They bring up a completely valid point. If Star Wars and Star Trek did a crossover movie, nothing would be the same, and nothing could really mesh together well. Not to mention that there are not too many people who would want to see it in the first place. Captain Kirk's double-fisted round house punch wouldn't do well against Luke Skywalker with a lightsaber and the Force. One thing to consider, though, is that superheroes are a different vein entirely.

Superheroes work in the real world, on Earth, unlike Star Wars or Star Trek with an abundance of aliens and other worlds. They also face enemies that are based on human problems. What some people may not realize is that Frank Miller wrote an extremely successful comic book series for Marvel comics called Daredevil. Daredevil was a dark history with a sad, spotted past that led him to a life of vigilante justice. Then what happened? Frank Miller left Marvel and joined DC Comics and wrote yet another successful comic book series, The Dark Knight Returns. A dark, seasoned vigilant veteran, even more angry at how politics and criminal justice cannot get the work done, so Bruce Wayne dons the mantle again to set things straight. If crossovers are so terrible, then should Frank Miller really have gone to DC Comics? Take a moment to really think about a Batman/Iron Man crossover story. Both are rich, successful businessmen. Both have vast amounts of technical knowledge and abilities. And, most importantly, both have a devotion to carrying out justice and protecting fellow humans. Of course, the characters have compatibility issues, but doesn't that make a story better? With the right writers and a respectable director, could a Batman/Iron Man movie be possible?

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