Never-seen Black Terminator concept art is awesome

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In the minds of many fans, Terminator Salvation is best left lingering as an indelible blot in the space-time continuum; indelible, that is, until someone goes back in time and stops the movie from ever being made (not the epic Christian Bale rant abusing the Director of Photography, though: that's comedy gold that still has a bit of mining in store by future generations).

Despite being a fairly terrible installment of the franchise, there was one cool cyborg called the 'Black Terminator' slated to appear; due to unknown reasons (I'll go out on a limb and guess they were was budget-related), B.T. was left out of the final cut of the film. Fortunately, the concept art designs from that distant past remain intact, so here you can see concept illustrator Miles Teves' work featuring a machine that would've probably made Salvation a whole lot better just with its presence. Says Teves of this character:

This design was for a singular Terminator robot we referred to as the 'Black Terminator' or the 'Assassin'. He was to be a special robot dispatched to hunt down our hero relentlessly, much like the Terminators of the previous films. He was to be very tall, made of anodized, black-chromed, titanium, and to be outfitted with special weaponry. He was to be unique in some way, yet similar to the T-600. Here, in this drawing, I have borrowed elements from one my my favorite - yet underrated - robotic movie villain designs, to try to give him a more interesting and menacing silhouette.

And here he is, ladies and gents:

Do you dig the design? Would you like the producers to revive the concept for the upcoming Terminator Genisys sequel? Is it a cool addition or an unnecessary Megatron rip-off with little value to such a film? You be the judge, esteemed reader.

Terminator 5 is set for a July 1st, 2015 release.

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