We Know What Happens in the First 15 Minutes of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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We recently went to Sony to watch select scenes from Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2, including the first 15 minutes. You probably shouldn't read this if you want to remain spoiler-free come May 2. You can also read about Spider-Man's fight with Rhino here, his first fight with Electro here, and Electro escaping from Ravencroft Insitute here. Marc Webb also told us about his goals for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and expanding Sony's slice of the Marvel universe here. As always, shoot me a comment below and reach out to me on Twitter.

One of the biggest disappointments about Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man was that it really didn't tell Peter Parker's "untold story" as the marketing campaign promised. Sure, Gwen Stacy entered the picture, but it glossed over Peter's relationship to his parents. That relationship provides fundamental building blocks of who he is as a person and a superhero. The emotional toll and consequence of a child losing both parents at age six is obviously huge. That abandonment is part of what makes Peter Parker and Spider-Man an outsider and hero. If the first 15 minutes of Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 are any indication, Dr. Richard Parker and his wife Mary will actually be a much larger part of the movie - and potentially a much, much larger part of the Spidey universe - than we initially imagined.

The movie starts in the gears of Richard Parker's watch. We weave through and realize he's facing more than a time crunch to make a deadline. He's destroying remnants of the project he's working. He's killing spiders with chloride and getting as much data as he can before he's caught by security. He and Mary are obviously heartbroken by what is happening. They're leaving Peter behind. They're going to spend their entire lives looking over the shoulders to make sure that people aren't after them for what they've done. "People will say I'm a monster," Richard says. Mary convinces him that they did what they had to do.

We then see Richard and Mary on a private jet talking about their dire situation. Richard is working on his laptop while Mary gets up to use the lavatory. A flight attendant comes out from the cockpit. Richard notices almost immediately that the flight attendant's hands are covered in blood. Richard says that he wants to talk to the pilot. A fight breaks out very quickly. When Mary comes out of the bathroom, she's hit and shot in the stomach. Richard is simultaneously trying to upload data from a USB to his computer and fight for his life. We see the dead pilot in the cockpit. With no one to man the plane, it goes into a free fall.

The fight is intense. Like, crazy intense. As the plane nosedives, Richard Parker and the flight attendant are virtually fighting on the walls of the plane as objects fly around all over the place. Richard is being strangled by a seatbelt. A gun is shot. Part of the plane (I believe a dismantled door) flies into the engine and it explodes. The flight attendant is eventually sucked out of the plane and falls to his death. As the plane is on fire and going to crash, Richard finishes uploading the data and stares at his wife in their final moments together.

What makes this all especially notable is that it appears that Marc Webb is continuing to follow the Ultimate Spider-Man storyline where Richard Parker was working on a cure for cancer only to realize that it could be used as a weapon. Eventually, like in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Richard and Mary die a plane crash. The data uploaded will most likely be discovered by Peter Parker at some point in this movie. More importantly, this could be the foundation for Venom. Compared to Marc Webb's first Amazing Spider-Man, the opening of this movie is much more dramatic. The stakes are obscenely high.

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