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Star Wars Episode 7: Does This Mean We'll See BOBA FETT?

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Note, there are brand new rumors from the Star Wars Episode VII set below - which, if true, could well be massive SPOILERS.

There are a whole lot of icons to have emerged from the Star Wars universe: Han Solo, shooting first or not. Luke Skywalker, in an X-Wing, and as a farm-boy, lightsaber in hand. Princess Leia in that bikini. Yoda, Artoo, Threepio, Chewie, Darth-freaking-Vader. There are countless more. It's arguably harder to find a character from the series who hasn't infused the broader pubic consciousness. Heck, even Admiral Ackbar is pretty darned famous.

Especially to those who've fallen into traps...
Especially to those who've fallen into traps...

One, though, has managed to become an icon despite a distinct lack of screen time in the original films: Step forward Mr Boba Fett.

The bounty hunter barely featured in the original trilogy, but when he did, he clearly left an impression - which is why the latest rumors from the Star Wars Episode VII set could be an absolutely huge deal.

Even bigger than that whole Han Solo thing...
Even bigger than that whole Han Solo thing...

Latino-Review are reporting that their sources on the Episode VII set have confirmed the identity of the film's villains - and they're going to look strangely familiar to fans. Our heroes, the site suggests, will go up against at least two sets of villains: Sith Witches, and Mandalorian Mercenaries.

But who are they, and what do they want with the Jedi?


As the hardcore Star Wars fans out there will know, those Sith Witches are most likely Dathomiri Nightsisters, or something similar to them. The Witches of Dathomir are an Expanded Universe twist on the Jedi - with those Nightsisters being their equivalent to the Sith. Dathomir was also, of course, the planet that gave us fan-favorite Asajj Ventress, and a certain Sith lord with a double sided lightsaber...

Yup. That one.
Yup. That one.

They'd make a decent amount of sense as villains in the film - they're dark side users, after all - but they're unlikely to feature in their original, Expanded Universe form. They'll probably end up being broadly generic creepy Sith types, with more hoods than usual.

Those Mandalorians, though? They're already full canon. Why? Because they look a little something like this:

Only sometimes even more heavily armed...
Only sometimes even more heavily armed...

I'm sure you guys are way ahead of me already, but yep, there's a reason those guys look exactly like Boba Fett. He's Mandalorian (well, the clone of a Mandalorian), and that'd be classic Mandalorian battle armor he's wearing in pretty much every picture of him.

Even though we think 'Fett' whenever we see that armor, it's actually a major part of Mandalorian cultural history. It's like a medieval suit of armor, or a Civil War uniform. That's just what they wear when they fight - and since they're famous for being mercenaries, that's just what they tend to be doing. Could we even see those 'Jedi Hunters' that were rumored the other week turn out to be from Mandalore?

No matter what, though, if a bunch of mercenaries from the planet Mandalore start hunting the Jedi, there's more than a decent chance that Boba Fett will be involved. After all, Mace Windu did totally behead his father back in Star Wars Episode II:

Pictured: Motive.
Pictured: Motive.

Which young Boba (who, having been a little kid back in the prequels, would still plausibly be alive) swore all sorts of revenge on the Jedi for. That's a big part of why he was always working for Darth Vader in the original trilogy. That, and the money. Add in that he's the only Mandalorian anyone really knows, and he's a logical antagonist.

Plus, seeing as Fett is already being lined up for a solo movie, it would seem to make sense that he'd have at least some part to play in Episode VII - re-introducing him to new fans, and setting up the spin-off. Say, a prequel featuring him as a younger man, during the intervening thirty five years before Episode VII?

Either that or they'll just bring in Sabine from Star Wars Rebels. Because tagging can't have gone that far out of fashion in fifty years, right?

She's actually way more awesome than she sounds...
She's actually way more awesome than she sounds...

Star Wars: Episode VII is set for release December 18, 2015. Unless Boba Fett gets to Han Solo and breaks his leg again, that is...

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