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Every now and then you stick on a movie or television show which you haven't seen for ages and suddenly realize one of Hollywood's biggest stars is in the flick, and you totally forgot.

Often, these movies marked the beginning of their careers and since then they may have gone on to bigger and better (or occasionally not so better) things, but nothing quite beats that cathartic realization of "Oh yeah! I totally forgot [Enter Actor Name Here] is in this movie!" Here are a few examples of those such actors.

Andrew Lincoln - Love Actually

To many, Andrew Lincoln is a bad-ass, slightly unhinged zombie killer who won't hesitate to rip out a man's throat with his teeth. To others, especially those who watched romantic comedies in 2003, Lincoln is an adorable heart-broken soul, who flirts with his best friend's wife via massive cue cards and a portable CD player. Yes, that's right, Lincoln is in fact a British actor who famously appeared in the Richard Curtis' Christmas international hook-up fest which is Love Actually.

Check him out using high-risk flirting techniques below:

At some point he turned into this:

Charlie Hunnam - Children of Men

Despite appearing as an American motorbike gang leader in Sons of Anarchy and as an American jaeger pilot in Pacific Rim, Charlie Hunnam is another undercover Brit who's infiltrated the US. To get a glimpse of what he really sounds like, you have to see him play Patrick in Alfonso Cuarón's incredible Children of Men. In fact, you'd be forgiven for not recognizing him at all, as he is hidden behind a mass of dreadlocks and his native Geordie accent.

Check him out being a dick below:

Ian Somerhalder - Lost

Today, Ian Somerhalder is a dedicated environmental social media guru, and the paramour of half of the world's female population aged 12-46. However, The Vampire Diaries star got his big break on the first television show to really dominate the water cooler - Lost. That's right. You remember him now, don't you? He played Boone - John Locke's little buddy and one of the first characters to meet his demise on the island. He might have survived one plane crash, but unfortunately he didn't survive a second.

Watch a bit of foreboding below:

Elijah Wood - Back To The Future Part II

Ok, you'll be forgiven for not picking up on this one, but Elijah Wood actually grabbed his first ever role in Back To The Future Part II as the 'Video Game Boy'. Back then, it was only 1989 and he probably knew nothing of Middle Earth, the Ring or the arduous journey he would have to take into the heart of Mordor.

Here is, with some little added music, in BTTF 2:

Rory McCann - Hot Fuzz

Rory McCann has shot into stardom through his rather flawless, and obscenity filled, portrayal of The Hound in HBO's Game of Thrones. However, he also played a less dialogue heavy role in 2007's action-comedy Hot Fuzz. In this film he played Michael 'Lurch' Armstrong, a massive trolley boy with a severe amount of dedication to his job and a dubious genetic makeup. However, even before this he also shot to fame by committing a minor public indecency act in a commercial for some Scottish oats.

Take a look at both performances below:

Kristen Stewart - Into The Wild

Now, Into The Wild is one of my favorite films, but every single time I watch it I suddenly realize halfway through that it also stars Kristen 'Twilight' Stewart. It's usually at this point I also remember is also stars Vince Vaughn and Zach Galifianakis. With all the hate that's thrown around in regard to Stewart, you'd think this was a bad thing, but as it turns out it provides her a chance to shine in something not vampire orientated.

Here she is belting out a song with Emile Hersch:

Vin Diesel - Saving Private Ryan

Before becoming the social media prophet of love and inspiration and appearing in countless action movies, Vin Diesel also appeared in a little war film called Saving Private Ryan. Indeed, the scale of the film is so huge and the visuals so shocking, you'd be forgiven for ignoring the countless scores of stars that appeared in the movie. Beside Vin Diesel there's also Nathan Fillion, Paul Giamatti and even Ted Danson - all in small roles. I think it's a testament to Spielberg that these highly recognizable stars just blended into the chaos of war. This was one of Diesel's first movies, and I have to say, I think he showed an acting range here we just don't see in his more explosion-centric films.

Check out Vin Diesel, and the others, in the videos below:

Channing Tatum - Coach Carter

Channing Tatum seemed to start off his career in sports orientated movies. We all know he shoved a tampon up his nose in She's The Man, but he got his first big break in the Samuel L. Jackson basketball movie, Coach Carter. However, he seemed to start as he meant to go on, because he did seem to spend most of that movie shirtless too.

Here is dancing around in Coach Carter:

Which other movies do you know which forgettable contain some massive stars?

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