Who's Joining Jax in Sons of Anarchy Season 7?

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Who's joining Jax in Sons of Anarchy Season 7?
Who's joining Jax in Sons of Anarchy Season 7?

Cosby Show star and occasional director Malcolm-Jamal Warner has just been cast in the final season of Sons of Anarchy.

Warner will play 'Sticky', who is right hand man to recurring character T.O. Cross.

T.O. Cross
T.O. Cross

Cross will be appearing in this season but it's, as yet, unclear in what capacity after his and Jax's disagreements.

Sticky is a new character that's being introduced for this final season. It'll be interesting seeing Malcolm in this kind of harsh setting. It'll be cool to see him try something like this.

Cast your mind back:

    Theo, The Cosby Show
Theo, The Cosby Show

This is crazy, but all the better to see an actor that was part of such as institution as Cosby to still be in the business. He's certainly seen to be kicking some ass in TV's Major Crimes as Lt. Chuck Cooper.

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I'm certainly looking forward to see how they use him in Sons of Anarchy.

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