Holy Hell: Sons Of Anarchy's Final Season Teases A Macabre New Poster

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Sons Of Anarchy
Sons Of Anarchy

As Kurt Sutter's ever-popular Sons of Anarchy is about to burn rubber on the final season, I'm wondering what kind of trouble Jax will be faced with this time around.

Given that Sons of Anarchy Season 7 is introducing the famous musician-turned-actor Marilyn Manson as a jailed white supremacist, things probably aren't going to end subtly... In fact, we've got our hands on another teaser poster from Sons of Anarchy's final season, which looks pretty foreboding... Check this sh*t out:

There's that skull again. So, is Jax the Reaper, or a guy who'll be kicking the bucket? Till death do them part...

After an outstanding Season 6 run, in which Sutter's adrenaline-charged FX biker drama dealt with newly forged alliances, murdered friends, and loyalties put to the ultimate test, you can put me down as "in" for the Harleys, scars, feds, tattoos and iron will of Season 7. I'm psyched. Are you?

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