The Hilarious Secret Behind Captain America 2's Ending

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There are some movies where you leave the cinema in state of fundamental happiness - a contentment with the world that only a truly well resolved story can provide. It's what made bedtime stories so fantastic when we were kids, and what keeps us going to the cinema week after week - films can, at their best, convince us that everything in life makes just a little more sense than it did before.

Then there are the movies where - no matter how hard you suspend your disbelief - you still walk out of the theater thinking: "why the hell didn't they just...[insert inexplicably ignored option here]."

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, for all that it was awesome, was very much one of those movies.

I mean, very much so:

I mean, the not calling Stark or Hulk I get - if only for budget reasons - but when you include a fundamentally straightforward solution like a magic face-mask in the movie's eventual conclusion, but don't use it to solve every other problem in the movie, you're just being intentionally dense. That's right Black Widow, I'm looking at you.

I mean, you know who wouldn't make that kind of schoolboy error?

Freakin' Hydra.

It's the Harry Potter Time-Turner thing all over again...

On the plus side, it's given the good people at How It Should Have Ended another chance to brighten up our days with one of their trademark videos - which, in it's own way, sort of makes up for the whole 'massive, widespread incompetence' thing.

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Sort of.

Luckily, Captain America: The Winter Soldier will soon lead into The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, which will obviously solve every problem in the entire world.

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