Michael Rooker recreates Dancing Groot with Dave Bautista at Wizard World Chicago!

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Dancing GROOT recreation Rooker / Bautista

This is truly why Michael Rooker is the best thing to happen to all fan-boys and fan-girls!! With the help of his mountain of a man co-star Dave Bautista, he recreated the famous "Dancing Groot" scene from Guardians of the Galaxy! The video was posted on YouTube by Blake Garris:

In the video above, Rooker plays the part of Baby Groot, while Bautista "reprises" his role as Drax The Destroyer. Rooker comes in to the roar of the crowd, drops a bucket then dances to the Jackson 5 song! Rooker freezes every time Bautista turns around, and the room just goes nuts!!

Dancing Baby GROOT
Dancing Baby GROOT

Earlier in the convention I was able to get a close up shot of Mr. Rooker. He did a proud, almost Superman-esque pose sticking his chests out. I yelled to him, "give me your best side!" ... the picture below is what ended up happening! A CLASSIC Michael Rooker moment that had everyone in the room laughing!!

Rooker tells me I'm number 1 pic by: Manny Popoca
Rooker tells me I'm number 1 pic by: Manny Popoca
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