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Hello, horror movie fanatics. My name is Akari. Akari Kekse. Today, I want to introduce you to the fascinating (and dreadful) world of Japanese horror movies. If you are looking for terrific and original films or are eager to experience an unique culture of fear, look no more.

I will avoid to mention famous movies like "Ringu" or "Ju-On." Instead, I will present to you some more obscure films that you may not heard about but deserve your time.

I know that seven may not be enough, so maybe in the future I will create another list. So if you have suggestions, please let me know in the comment section. I promise that I will try to check them. And thanks to Annastasiya for her incredible recommendations.


If I could describe this movie with one word it would be: "despair." It´s hard to find another film where sadness, depression and hopelessness, mixed with the supernatural, and the constant menace of fear, are present. This movie presents a poetical and sad view of the desperation and loneliness of modern world. It is filled with powerful images of terrific ghosts and evil spirits that will haunt you for nights to come.


Teketeke is based in an old urban Japanese legend. A girl appears at the rail-road where she died and she cuts in half anybody who has the bad luck to see her. Nobody knows where she comes from, or her true motives to perform these evil acts; there are multiple theories about it. In the movie, our protagonists will have to find the truth in order to stay alive. A great movie with a magnificent and evil villain that will give you nightmares for years to come.


X-Game is the perfect anti-bully, revenge-movie. A group of 4 students awake in a class-room where they have to play a deadly game. The X-Game. They will try to endure several demented tortures while trying to discover what is happening, and the true reasons behind this insane and horrific experience. If you like movies like Saw, you have to look no further for another dreadful experience. Not for the weak of heart.


Death-Tube is quite similar to X-Game in the sense that both introduce the concept of a group of strangers facing the horror of playing mortal games where the loser will always die. In this particular case, all the games are broadcast in a special website where millions of people watch them in real time. Of course, most of these watchers think that the events are fake, without knowing that all the deaths and pain are for real. A truly gruesome experience that will keep you guessing for the fate of our protagonists.

Noroi: The Curse

Noroi is a rare kind of Japanese horror film. It enters into the Found-Footage sub-genre so common for the American cinema but so unusual for this distant culture. It is presented as a television documentary, and it recounts the tragedy that Masafumi Kobayashi experienced while investigating a strange and complex case involving an ancient demon, girls with psychic powers, strange deaths and evil curses.


This is one of my personal favorites. The main subject of this movie is reincarnation. Our actions in the distant past can influence our actual existence, and all of our relationships translate to this particular life.

11 individuals were killed in a hotel several decades ago. The killer, after performing this nefarious act, committed suicide. Now, a director is obsessed with bringing this story to the celluloid. I will not spoil anything else, but be prepared to a lot of surprises . . . and scary moments.

Dark Tales of Japan

I love anthology horror movies. I have seen a lot of this sometimes forgotten sub-genre. There are many good gems out there (maybe one day I should do one list). This one presents several stories based in myths and legends of the rich Japanese folklore. The best tale in this recompilation is the dreadful "Crevices." I assure you that you will never look the crevices of your house the same way. Have the tape ready . . .

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