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The "X-Men Apocalypse" cast is rounding up as filming will start next month in Montreal. It would seem that the X-Men Universe is ever expanding as "Apocalypse will feature more mutants in major roles than any of the other X-Men films in the franchise.

X-Men Fans rejoice and meet Lana Condor! Bryan Singer released the casting news via Instagram. Newcomer Lana Condor will play the Chinese-American gum chewin', plasmoid blastin', rebel teen, Jubilee. This won't be the first time this character has appeared in the X-Franchise but she was never given much screen time for the matter. Actress Katrina Florence played her in X-Men. Kea Wong took on the role in films, X2: X-Men United and X-Men: The Last Stand. As for Condor, there is no information about the young actress to be found so far. The only photos I could find of her was the one above and the one below which goes to tell you that she is definitely a newcomer!

Being a newcomer isn't exactly a bad thing! I have faith in Miss Condor!


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