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Over the last few decades, a great number of A-listers have been hell bent on capturing their salacious sexcapades and amateur boudoir antics on video. So much so that I wouldn't be surprised if most had an old-school celebrity sex tape lurking somewhere in the dusty depths of their ancient VHS collections.

And while a select few have emerged (both intentionally and unintentionally), resulting in multi-million dollar lawsuits, you can't deny that it also garnered celebs immeasurable fame. Because let's be real, there's no better way to get people to talk about you than to release a celebrity sex tape.

With that said, let's analyze some of the most notorious celebrity sex tapes that have been doing the rounds in recent times, and perhaps a few that are expected to drop a load of sex scandal gossip in the near future:

1. Untitled featuring Hulk Hogan & Heather Clem

Best line: "Get your clothes and get out!"

Back in 2006, Hulk Hogan did the dirty with his best friend's (actually named DJ Bubba the Love Sponge, no joke) former wife Heather Clem. And although they probably had a lovely time, things turned really sour when his sex tape was then unfortunately leaked onto the web six years later.

Upon finding out, Hogan turned an ever deeper shade of red (which quite frankly, seems quite impossible but there you go) and took the matter to court. Apparently, mid-frolic with ol' Hev, he had no idea he was being filmed at all.

And although Hulk managed to bank a whopping $140 million in damages from Gawker, nothing will make us un-see what we saw Hogan doing in that canopy bed on that fateful night.

2. 1 Night in Paris featuring Paris Hilton & Nick Solomon

Best line: "That's hot!"

Life for Paris Hilton became slightly less simple when her 2004 sex tape with Nick Solomon leaked.

An no matter how much she might have played innocent at the time, it was such a huge deal that it brought the hotel heiress so much more fame and dollar than she could ever have imagined. The video was such a huge success that at the 2005 Adult Film Awards, it earned the title of most rented film and grossed over $10 million!

Not bad for a woman who actually denied any involvement with the tape for quite some time, before admitting that yes, the public weren't blind and that it was actually her all along. Duh!

3. Untitled featuring Colin Farrell & Nicole Narain

Best line: "You are so f*cking beautiful" (in the thickest Irish accent, obviously)

Colin Farrell couldn't fool the public with his completely shaved head and bizarre goatee when a sex tape he had filmed with his ex-girlfriend and former Playboy playmate came out. Complete with a furry white cat lurking like a right creep in the background, of course.

Although the tape did nothing but bolster his reputation as Hollywood's bad boy, making him an even bigger hit with the ladies, he did go to great lengths to sue Narain for leaking it. Yet, despite winning at court, it's still only a short google away for anyone who wants to see his sex tape in its full, and slightly awkward, glory.

4. Kim Kardashian, Superstar featuring Kim Kardashian & Ray J

Best line: "Aw, baby, I’ll clean that up for you."

You might forget that before Kim became a Keeping Up with the Kardashians superstar, Ye's other half and a mom to a child named after cardinal directions, she was basically a nobody.

That's until an XXX sex tape was released and placed her firmly on the high-profile celebrity map. And she rolled with it — successfully banking $5 million from a lawsuit and (doing what many a rising star would have probably done before her) releasing the video for a hella lot more.

5. Untitled featuring Jennifer Lopez & Ojani Noa

Best line: TBC

In 2015, fans got all frazzled when it was reported that footage of J.Lo getting jiggy might soon grace the Internet.

There were rumors that the sex tape, apparently recorded back in 1997 with her first husband, could soon be released following a 6 year legal battle. That's because Jenny from the Block recently withdrew her claim, despite the case still being in arbitration, so it is essentially up for grabs to the highest bidder.

Watch this space.

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6. Pam and Tommy: Hardcore and Uncensored featuring Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee

Best line: "I love my husband!"

And how could we forget the sex-filled extravaganza that newly-weds Pamela and Tommy exposed us to back in 1998? Finally, all over the world, drooling fans could get a satisfying glimpse at what really lay under that iconic red Baywatch swimsuit.

Thanks to the Internet, while their relationship never lasted, their infamous tape always will, which shows them forever in love frolicking around naked on their honeymoon.

7. Untitled featuring Rob Lowe & a random woman and an underage female

Best line: "Why does it point downwards!?"

Back when blue-eyed heartthrob Rob Lowe was 22 years old, the actor made a grave error and got himself into a whole load of trouble for getting it on with an underage girl. The tape in question clearly showed him getting down and dirty with two women, one of whom was 22 years old, while the other was a mere 16 years old. Bad, bad, bad. Very bad, indeed.

And to add to that, the film was taped the night before the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta, for which Lowe was campaigning to be elected as a prominent member of the party. Safe to say he didn't win.

8. Untitled featuring Verne Troyer and Ranae Shrider

Best line: Unknown

Following a rather nasty break-up, Verne Troyer's ex-girlfriend thought it would be a great move to leak a sex tape featuring her and her Austin Powers ex-lover.

Although Verne has repeatedly attempted to legally block TMZ from posting clips of the video over the years, it seems his ex has gotten her way, filing legal claims of her own.

9. Untitled featuring Kylie Jenner & Tyga

Best line: TBC

We all know Kylie Jenner is set on following in her sister Kim's footsteps and all, but is this perhaps a tad too far? Although not officially released quite just yet, it seems that the youngest Keeping Up with the Kardashian star is not avert to progressing her career by releasing a celebrity sex tape.

In fact, last year, Kylizze was reportedly inundated with offers from porn companies, with Vivid Entertainment leading the pack with a whopping $10 million offer to her and Tyga for their bedroom footage. One has yet appeared, however.

Which celebrity a sex tape would you like to see?



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