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*WARNING: Mild spoilage ahead for The Walking Dead comics and show*

There are some strong, strong women out there and I'm sure everyone has had the pleasure of knowing some of them.

But how strong are they? You think they might be as strong as Carol from The Walking Dead?

Take a look at her life so far on the show, put yourself in her shoes and ask yourself: Wouldn't you be stark raving mad by now?

The Walking Dead: The Show

You start out a six-year zombie-filled timespan with an abusive husband you've already had for years by then, who beats you and your daughter.

He dies. You put him down to prevent reanimation. With a mother freakin' pickaxe, at that.

Your daughter dies and your friend has to put her down in front of you.

Your close friend sacrifices himself to save you, and a bullet meant for your head takes down a new friend you've only just made.

You kill and burn two people who are sick with a disease that could kill everyone, but end up being banished from the group because of your actions.

You teach kids how to protect themselves, but one kid has lost her mind, killing her little sister and almost Judith, forcing you to execute her to save herself and everyone around her.

Look at the Bellsprouts, girl.
Look at the Bellsprouts, girl.

Despite being banished, you end up saving everyone from cannibals and eventually life returns to being fairly normal again.

Later, in your new Season 5 home, you threaten a young boy who catches you in the armory, and those threats ultimately lead to his, his brother's and his mother's very painful deaths.


By this point, Carol Peletier has got to be spent. She tried to find some normalcy in Alexandria by starting a relationship with Tobin, but after doing some soul searching while being held captive, decided it was best to leave town and not look back.

Fast forward to Season 7, and looking at the trailer, it appears we might just be getting served a full blown crazy Carol pie.

"I don't know what the hell's going on in the most wonderful way!" She says those exact words, with the crazy all over her face...

You can't hide your...craaazy eyes
You can't hide your...craaazy eyes

Season 6 saw Carol slowly come to the realization that she is not only one cold-blooded walker fucker-upper, but can execute the living just as effortlessly, and we got a front row seat to see how she handled it. Which was not very well. Not very well at all.

The Walking Dead: The Comics

In the comics, Carol's downward spiral happens MUCH faster, and after trying to start a fling with Rick and doing a few other crazy things, she ends up killing herself in a suicide by walker.

Does that sounds like something Carol might do? With these producers, who knows! If she does go out this way, at least it'll be because she went crazy over killing a butt load of the living, instead of because she was mad Rick and Lori both rejected her.

After all she's been through, nobody would blame her for finally snapping. I'd hope she chooses a different way to die, but her saying that reading the script left her speechless makes it sound like she really has to do something crazy.


What do you think? Will Carol snap? Or will she come back again and blow some shit up?