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We all know his name by now. Jason Bourne is returning to our screens for the first time in ten years, as Matt Damon returns to his most legendary role for a fourth time. But with Bourne returning to us this month in Jason Bourne, it's time to look back at the history of the character for all the fun details you never knew, so here are seven facts you didn't know about Jason Bourne!

1. There Are Thirteen Bourne Books!

While there are only five films in the series, there have been thirteen books, with the first released in 1980 and the last released just last week! The first three books were written by Robert Ludlum, with the rest being done with Ludlum's support by Eric Vann Lustbader.

2. The Bourne Legacy Was Totally Different In The Book!

Not only did The Bourne Legacy, the fourth book in the series, feature Jason Bourne as the main character, it was also awesome! Jason had begun to work at a University as a professor, but was drawn back into action when he was blamed for the murder of two of his best friends. There was no Aaron Cross in the books at all, so you can understand why book readers may have been rather upset about it all.

3. The Bourne Identity Almost Changed Because Of 9/11!

That's right, the studio almost tried to change The Bourne Identity after the 9/11 disaster, because they felt that shady organisations who withheld information would only spark more fear in the populace. The alternate ending the studio proposed would have seriously hampered the ability for sequels to be produced, and eventually the studio let the original ending be used.

4. The Screenwriter Refused To Use The Bourne Books!

And speaking of changes to The Bourne Identity, the screenwriter for the film refused to use the plot of the first book, as he felt he wouldn't get enough creative control over it. Therefore he merely took the idea of a former assassin washing up in France without his memory and went from there, leaving, I might add, a great original story behind.

5. Matt Damon Was Not The First Choice For Jason Bourne!

In fact, Damon, who had just come off of films such as Good Will Hunting, was far down the list of choices for Bourne, who studio execs at the time were envisioning as a much bigger, better built star. Before going to Damon, they were considering Russell Crowe, Sylvester Stallone and Matthew McConaughey, and had been turned down by Brad Pitt, who opted for Spy Game instead. Personally, I'm rather glad it all turned out the way it did!

6. These Films Weren't The First Bourne Adaptation!

This is the fact that surprised me the most! While 2002's Bourne Identity represented Jason's first cinematic adventure, a two-part miniseries entitled The Bourne Identity was released on TV in 1988 featuring Richard Chamberlain as the title character. The miniseries was noted for being much more loyal to the book than the film, though the critical reviews were mixed. Nevertheless, it may well have helped make the film a reality!

7. Matt Damon Broke An Actor's Nose During Filming!

Proving how realistic the fight scenes in the series are, Matt Damon shattered actor Tim Griffin's nose on the set of The Bourne Supremacy. They were filming a scene in a room which was much smaller than intended, ending in the scene going wrong and Griffin being injured.

So there are seven things you didn't know about the Bourne series! Check out the trailer for the latest instalment, entitled Jason Bourne, below!


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Let me know which fact you found most surprising below, and drop a comment if you have any other fun knowledge about the series!