Posted by Vitmor Gomes
Vitmor Gomes

For years now, I've wanted to see a live action Pocahontas movie. I did not have a blessed childhood, and what kept me going was to watch the one movie I had in my house. Disney's Pocahontas. I know all the songs, all the scenes, everything about the movie.

Now that there we're going to have a live action Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, I believe it's time to start putting this on the table. I know that only Beauty and the Beast is going to be a Disney movie, but that doesn't mean the other two will be bad.

This casting IS for a Disney film, based on that beloved movie they did in 1995 (1 year before I was born). I do not have any of the Pocahontas 2 characters here. Hope you enjoy it and if you have a better idea for one of this roles, do tell, I might change it.

Pocahontas - Vanessa Hudgens

She has proven herself by now to be a versatile actress, who can do funny and goofy characters as she can do really dark and emersive roles . I would love to see her come back to Disney as Pocahontas.

John Smith - Liam Hemsworth

Most people would have prefered Chris Hemsworth as John, but I think Liam is the best choice for the character. He's a good actor, knows how to do romance, action, and now he is everywhere, and honestly I'm happy he is.

Radcliffe - Jhon Goodman

John was literally born to play this role, he looks like him, sounds like him. The only thing that isn't like the character is that John is not fat anymore. He lost A LOT of weight this past few years. I'm proud of him.

Powhatan - Wes Studi

He looks just like Pocahontas father, so this is a obvious choice. I think he could fill our hearts just like that wise and dear indian.

Wiggins - Jay Baruchel

He has been a wizard, he has been a dragon trainer, and now . . . he will serve Radcliffe. Can you imagine him as this adorable character? I would love to see it!

Thomas - Tom Holland

The reason I chose this boy wonder is because of his GREAT acting skills. I haven't seen "Captain America Civil War", nor "By the Sea", but I saw "The Impossible" and if the movie is great, that's a great part due to him. I would love to see him as John's friend.

Kokoum - Taylor Lautner

WAIT!!! LET ME EXPLAIN!! I would NOT mind to have him in this role, but I chose him because this is a role I can't just choose someone to play. It's a really tuff choice and in this one I would gladly accept your help. And if Taylor was to have this role he would have to loose all the fat he got this year. Can you imagine The Hunger Games meets Twilight??

Gong Li - Sarah Hyland

Everyone knows her from Modern Family, and most love her for her looks and funny characters. I would like to see her as Vanessa's best friend, and watch her fall in love with Taylor.

Grandmother Willow - Rosemary Harris

Aunt May herself. I adore this woman, thanks to Spider-man. She looks and sounds so wise, just like Grandmother Willow does, and it would melt my heart to hear her voice coming out of such a beloved character.

Ben - Joe Manganiello

Talk about Modern Family and Spider-man, here is Sofia Vergara's husband and the Spider-man 1 Flash. I think he looks a lot like the character even tough Joe has more mustle, and more *coff coff* stripping skills *coff coff* (due to Magic Mike). I can really see him as the character and where there's Ben there's:

Lon - Robbie Coltrane

Hagrid himself. This actor did one of the most adored giants in the entire universe, and him and Joe would make such a funny pair of friends.

Who would you cast in a Pocahontas live-action movie?