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Jordan Iacobucci

Several months ago, PIXAR Studios announced several upcoming movies for the next 4 years. The majority of these movies seem to be sequels of their old classics. Some fans are growing worried, especially with the Cars 3 still on the table, that the studio is becoming far too sequalized and is losing its imagination. Is this really a problem? Let's analyze:


One of these such movies is Finding Dory, which comes out this Friday. Now, let's not lie to ourselves. Everyone is going to see this movie, whether it be in the theater or on DVD, there is no one reading this article right now that will not see the movie at some point in their lives. But who's excited for it? Well, there's Ellen...

Oh, Ellen!
Oh, Ellen!

Trailers for the new sequel began to premiere a few months ago and as of right now, I'm still not completely sold on it. Sure, it looks like it might be funny and the plot certainly has potential, but it also feels like a sequel was never really intended for Finding Nemo. I mean, they found Nemo! Now what?

Of course, knowing PIXAR, they probably pieced together a masterpiece that'll turn out to be a tearjerker, but until I experience the movie for myself, I prefer to remain somewhat skeptical.

This concern over PIXAR's creativity is not a new one. It existed before hit Inside Out was released, calming the storm a bit. However, after The Good Dinosaur flopped (by PIXAR standards, that is) and the next set of movies were announced, people got a bit nervous once again.

Okay, so things aren't looking good for PIXAR right? Less creativity, more sequels, and their newest original movie wasn't all that popular. Could this be the end of PIXAR's glorious reign over our childhoods? Well, let's not jump to conclusions...

I bet you thought I was about to slam PIXAR. HA! That'd be the day!

Yes, PIXAR is relying a bit on sequels as of late, but let's not forget that not all sequels are cheap and offensive to the viewer's intelligence. Remember a little something called Toy Story 2? How about Toy Story 3? Maybe Cars 2 and Monsters University (which I liked, actually) weren't the best movies ever, but doesn't that make it even, 2:2?

So, even if Finding Dory doesn't turn out to be a hit, let's not lose hope in PIXAR too much. After all, they finally announced The Incredibles 2, and that's gotta be great, right?

Thanks for reading, and I hope you keep the faith in PIXAR. I know I will. Until next time!


Which upcoming PIXAR movie are you looking forward to the most?