Top 5 Actresses Who Should Play Anastasia Steele In The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Movie

Top 5 Actresses Who Should Play Anastasia Steele In The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Movie

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The first time that Fifty Shades of Grey heroine Anastasia Steele meets the dreamy billionaire tycoon Christian Grey, she falls flat on her face in his office. 'Double crap—me and my two left feet!' she thinks to herself.

From the get-go, the relationship between the two is clearly established: she's shy, awkward, innocent, and out of place, while he's the ultimate master of his universe. The story of how Christian lures Ana into his dark world and makes her discover her 'inner goddess' has captured the imagination of millions of women who just can't put down E.L. James's mega-successful erotica books.

Last week, we gave you our Top 5 picks of actors who should play Christian in the upcoming movie adaptation. This week, we're continuing our ranking with some lovely ladies who could make fitting Anas.

Just like the male casting, we've left out actresses who are too known or too successful (Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, etc.) because we really feel that the Fifty Shades franchise should launch some new stars. Also, no way is Kristen Stewart sexy enough to pull off Anastasia! On that note, here are our Top 5 choices for Ana:

Alexis Bledel

Gilmore Girl Alexis Bledel is a favorite among Fifty Shades fans. In the book, Ana is described as pale, brown-haired, 'with blue eyes too big for her face'. It's hard to get more spot-on than this blue-eyed beauty. Not only is Bledel cute as pie, but she has Ana's sweet and innocent look down pat. She looks like she can blush and chew her bottom lip with the best of them at the sight of sexy Christian, so we don't care that she's actually 30 years old (if you can believe it). She's our girl!

Michelle Trachtenberg

You may not know this, but Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke reportedly wanted Michelle Trachtenberg to play Bella Swan. Luckily for Kristen Stewart, Trachtenberg had a scheduling conflict and had to pass. This could be her second chance at playing Bella—well, sort of, if you consider that Fifty Shades started out as Twilight fan fiction and Anastasia was inspired by Bella's character. She's certainly got the look, though she may be a little too on the sexy side.

Allison Williams

Unless you happened to be watching the new HBO series Girls recently, you may not know Allison Williams at all. She's actually the daughter of NBC Nightly news anchor Brian Williams. She also wrote and starred in the dismal web series Will & Kate: Before Happily Ever After. That's all behind her now, and she's on a rising path on HBO. Her name has been thrown around as a possible Ana on some forums, and we decided to include her because even though she's cute, she also looks like she could tap into Ana's dorky side.

Emilia Clarke

We're so used to seeing Emilia Clarke with bleached blond hair and dragons on her shoulder on Game of Thrones, that we hardly recognized her on this photo. It's almost shocking how someone who looks so innocent on TV can look so seductive in real life. Maybe this photo isn't the best evidence in favor of Clarke as Ana, but the girl's got acting chops and she can play coy. But when it's time for the inner goddess to raise her head above the parapet, Christian Grey better watch out!

Lily Collins

We're not sure what proud papa Phil Collins would say about the idea of his daughter being spanked on film, but Lily Collins could make a fine Ana. Lily is just stunning in a down-to-earth kind of way, and her rising fame (she played Snow White after all...) doesn't seem to have gone to her head. Like Anastasia, she's probably not yet fully aware of her beauty. And yes, her eyes may not be sparkling blue, but anything can be arranged these days through the power of contact lenses and make-up wizardry. Also, someone needs to thin out those caterpillars, pronto!

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