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Batman is one of the greatest characters to grace the pages of comic books and screens of cinemas. Over the course of his 75+ year career in comics and movies we’ve seen the world's greatest detective portrayed in many different ways, but usually, he is accompanied by his sidekick, boy wonder, Robin.

It’s clear in the DC Extended Universe that Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne has already worked alongside at least one Robin (Jason Todd). We can hope (and expect) that Dick Grayson is out in the DCEU playing Nightwing, so could we see Bruce train a new Robin?

Robin is a character that can either work really well or destroy a movie. Without the right character elements and balance of what the audience see as being “cool” Robin could be laughed out of the cinema, but when done correctly Robin gives Batman someone to protect, someone to care about and someone to fight for, especially for an older Batman like Ben Affleck.

From Dick to Damian, there is a wide range of different Robins in the comics, with Carrie Kelley being my favourite for the DCEU. Personally, I do think that Ben Affleck will introduce a new Robin in his solo Batman movie. After the reaction to the Robin costume in Batman v Superman it’s clear that the audience is ready to see this character again, and it only offers Affleck more storytelling opportunities.

Each Robin creates a different storytelling opportunity for Ben Affleck's Batman. Dick is a very different character to Damian, Carrie is unlike both of the boys and then there's Jason Todd, who may or may not appear as Red Hood in the DCEU.

While I think it's a good idea to introduce a new Robin to the DCEU, I feel like it is too early to bring in Damian. This is a character that requires a lot of background information, we would need to see the League of Assassins and Damian's mother, Talia al Ghul, before we even hear mention of his name. It would be cool to see Batman as a father, but Damian would be difficult to transfer onto the big screen, without any prior Batman movies.

It's likely that we will see Dick in the DCEU, however we probably won't see him as Robin but instead Nightwing. Because Affleck's Batman is older, and we know Jason Todd already exists we can assume that Dick is already a grown man, and a superhero in his own right. It is worth noting however that we could easily see flashbacks to Bruce Wayne training and fighting alongside Dick, when he was still Robin.

Carrie Kelley
Carrie Kelley

Carrie Kelley is the obvious choice for the DC Extended Universe. Introduced in Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns, Batman reluctantly takes in Carrie as the new Robin. I say this is the obvious choice simply because Affleck's Batman is older and the overall tone and look of this incarnation of the dark knight is similar to Miller's. I can easily believe Affleck taking in Carrie as a new Robin after the events of Batman v Superman or even Justice League.

Whichever version of the character Affleck decides to introduce, Robin would help to show a different side to Batman. In recent post-Nolan years, we’ve seen a very dark and brooding Batman, and that’s great, but having Robin come into the DCEU would certainly offer new shades of black for Batman and give the audience something different. I think we'd need a better costume though.

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