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Everybody loves Pixar movies and for good reason. They're family friendly, they have charm, they're filled with laughs and the occasional deep philosophical ideals. In the next few years we're set to see three sequels to some of our favorite Pixar flicks, but earlier this year we learned that Pixar is calling it quits on making sequels and instead focusing on making originals, which bought them so much fame in the first place. The immediate result of that decision, however, is that some movies fans have been dying to see sequels to are most likely not going to grace our screens in the foreseeable future. Gathered below are the four Pixar movies we want to see sequels to the most, but now probably won't.

4. Monsters, Inc. 3

"Wait a minute," you're probably saying to your computer screen, "we already have a sequel to Monsters, Inc." And to that I say, "Nay, we have a prequel." A prequel that, if you subscribe to the latest fan theory, isn't truly a prequel, but a movie made within the Monsters Inc. movie universe as propaganda. Which means there is plenty of room for a true sequel, or, if you're going to be picky, a Monsters, Inc. 3 with more scenes like this:

Imagine a movie, if you would, following the lovable Mike Wazowski as he struggles to reshape Monsters, Incorporated. The primary antagonist can be a monster who wants to return the company to its former glory as the number one scare factory in the world, but Mike and Sully are determined to stop scaring children and fuel the monsters' economy with laughter. For many fans, a true sequel to the Pixar classic is long overdue and could be accomplished with Monsters, Inc. 3.

3. Inside Out 2

Inside Out is one of those movies most people would argue shouldn't get a sequel because it's already such a great standalone movie. I am not one of those people. At the end of the Pixar hit, Riley had undergone some major life changes. Not only is she living in a new town, making new friends, but she had many of her islands destroyed and replaced with those of a teenage girl. It opens up a world of possibility for Inside Out 2.

How will the emotions adapt to Riley's new thoughts and desires? What if we saw a new emotion come into play? And you know what, it would just make financial sense to make Inside Out 2, a sequel to the highest-grossing debut of an original film in history and Pixar has even gone on record as saying "never say never" which is business talk for "if we're desperate for more money or out of ideas we'll make a sequel."

2. WALL-E 2

WALL-E ends on a cliffhanger that's just crying out for a sequel, and what better way to accomplish that than by making WALL-E 2? Imagine: The humans have returned to Earth, a planet that hasn't seen life in a very very long time. They're set to repopulate the world (after they lose some weight) and this poses a major problem for our favorite little robots.

WALL-E's main purpose as a robot was to clean up the Earth to make it habitable for humans again. Now that he has done that, what future does that hold for him? Will the humans let the little guy live in peace and collect things or will they shut him down? What other struggles will the humans face in returning to their home planet? There's so many questions that could be answered with a WALL-E 2 and this is just the tip of the iceberg! Personally, I was never a huge fan of WALL-E, but it has huge potential to produce a quality sequel that's far more interesting than Cars 3.

1. Ratatouille 2

Ratatouille is by far my second-favorite Pixar movie (and only because I love The Incredibles so much) and I've been asking for Ratatouille 2 for ages. There are honestly so many routes you could go with a sequel to this Disney Pixar classic. Perhaps you could have Remy struggling to be taken seriously in the world of humans or maybe he's fighting for the rats' right to work or maybe he could have a little kitten (that's the term for a baby rat) of his own who wants to either follow in his or her father's footsteps or branch out into another field entirely. Or Ratatouille 2 could follow Remy's brother's journey in finding the best tasting trash via the hit show Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. The possibilities are endless! Hey Pixar, just a few thoughts you could nibble on before calling it absolute quits on sequels.

For over two decades now, Pixar has had huge success. They've cemented themselves as one of the most creative studios in the industry, but creativity doesn't always have to mean original ideas. Some of the best stories take place within sequels (otherwise we wouldn't have so many James Bond films or a universe built around comic books). Personally, I like that Pixar wants to return to their roots, but I think it would be in everyone's best interest if they found a happy marriage between sequels and original movies.


What Pixar movie do you think deserves a sequel?