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Paulie Popcorn

I have only one regret after the end of San Diego Comic-Con 2016: not enough Deadpool! I mean, how can you NOT have Deadpool running amok throughout the convention? It's been several months since any real Deadpool 2 movie news or mentions about Ryan Reynolds's abs! It was all about Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy 2 this, Thor: Ragnarok that. Then some stuff about a muscular woman running around with a magic lasso. Whatever. To help us Deadpool fanatics, here are some quotes from the Deadpool movie to get us through this dark and dreary time in our lives.

6. 'Bad Deadpool…Good Deadpool!'

Remember when Deadpool wasted several bullets on Ajax blazing down the street? Deadpool only had, what, 12 bullets in his gun? Then with the few bullets he had left, he had to make the best of it. Which was awesome because we get to see just how much of a badass Deadpool really is at taking down the bad guys. He uses one bullet to blast through three heads! Basically, he turned those guys into a bloody mess of dominoes!

5. 'All The Dinosaurs Feared The T-Rex.'

After Deadpool takes down the bad dudes in the beginning of the movie, Colossus shows up to convince Deadpool to stop being such a pain in the butt. After punch to Colossus' face and a another punch to his junk, Deadpool breaks both his hands. That's what he gets for punching a man made of living metal! Deadpool is just sitting there with his hands flopping around. This doesn't stop Deadpool — he turns it into another one of his hilarious shticks

4. 'Captain Deadpool! No, Just Deadpool.'

Since we've been introduced that Brie Larson is going to play Captain Marvel in upcoming Captain Marvel movie in 2017, it only makes sense to add this quote. This was said during the moment of movie when Wade Wilson was trying to come up with an alias. I think we all agree that "just Deadpool" is spot on!

3. 'Fourth Wall Break Inside A Fourth Wall Break? That’s Like…16 Walls!'

One of the things that makes Deadpool so cool is his constant stopping the action to take time and talk to the audience. This is known as "breaking the 4th wall." Several times during the movie, Deadpool takes a moment to explain what is happening in his crazy head or to just make some crude joke. Whatever he says, we just laugh our pants off!

2. 'Superhero Landing! She’s Going To Do A Superhero Landing!'

No matter how cool it looks, Deadpool lets us know that it's difficult on the knees! Everyone from Spider-Man to Iron Man in the Marvel universe seems to pull off this move. Hope Tony Stark invents some superhero ice packs to place on those sore knees! They can't keep landing on solid objects with such force forever!

1. 'I Bet It Feels Huge In This Hand'

Last, but not least, who can forget this one? I'm sure this surprised even the most diehard Deadpool fans. Or did it? After Deadpool saws off his hand to get away from Colussus' grasp, Deadpool heads back to his house where we get to meet his roommate: Blind Al. As he is talking to her, we get to see his teeny-tiny hand as it is regenerating! What a way to show the audience this unique power! Of course, in typical Deadpool fashion, he tells Blind Al what he's going to do with his little hand. Classic Deadpool.

There ya go folks! I hope you enjoyed some of these hilarious quotes from the Deadpool movie! I can't wait to hear the new lines and quips in Deadpool 2, coming out in a few years.

What other quotes did you like! Let me know in the comments down below!