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The sixth season of Game of Thrones left us with many questions in our heads, and a lot of new information that could mean everything in the show. So lets go over some of the most popular theories about what will happen in the following seasons.


Will we see Littlefinger sitting on the Iron Throne?

Well in the latest seasons, Lord Baelish has shown his interest in "sitting in the iron throne with Sansa sitting beside him" and now he has the army of the Vale with him, and just helped the Starks get Winterfell back. He has shown to be one of the smartest characters, and has proved his abilities to manipulate people to do what he wants (like he did with Lysa).

So here comes the first theory: Littlefinger will turn Sansa against Jon and help her get control of Winterfell, and eventually marry her. Then he'll combine his forces, and enter the following war against Daenerys and Cersei (and maybe even Jon Snow, but we'll get to that). But unfortunately for him HBO recently confirmed that the 8th season will be the last, and because of that there is probably not enough time to put him in the iron throne and then take it away from him. Because c'mon there is no way the show ends with that guy sitting on the throne.


Cersei will be killed by one of her 2 brothers, or even Arya.

In the first episode of the 5th season they show a scene with Cersei as a child, and in the tent of a witch who predicts her future. In the books she tells her "The Valonqar shall wrap his hands around your pale white throat and choke the light of you" Valonqar is a Valyrian word that is translated to "little brother". She also predicted other events that have already taken place in the show. In the show the part of the Valonqar is not included but it's such an important detail that can not be left out. The obvious choice as who'll kill her is Tyrion. Who she has treated like garbage since the day he was born, but as I said "the obvious" which mean they would have us believe it's him when it's actually Jaime.

But why would Jaime kill Cersei?

Well, from the first season to the sixth Jaime has changed into a much more honorable man, and Cersei just keeps going crazier. So here's the second theory: Jaime will be forced to choose between killing his sister, or see the realm suffer, and he will kill Cersei. But if that was the only reason he would probable give her a quick death, but according to the witch's prediction he will choke her to death, and that sounds like he'll be angry at her for some reason. Maybe in the war Cersei will have Brienne killed and Jaime won't be able to hold himself.

It could still be Arya because as I said there is no mention of the Valonqar in the show. Besides, the last time we saw Arya she was crossing names of her list, so I see no reason why it shouldn't be her the one to kill Cersei. Perhaps she'll run into the brotherhood with no banners and get help from them. According to Melisandre they will meet again, so that has to take place in the next seasons.


Jon will win the game of thrones.

The sixth season's finale left us with quite a cliffhanger concerning who Jon's father was. So recently HBO confirmed through this chart.

In which we can see that his parents are Lyanna Stark and Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, who was the heir of King Aerys II. Supposedly during Robert's rebellion Rhaegar abducted Lyanna and raped her. Some say Lyanna and Rhaegar were in loved and got married secretly (unlikely though).

Besides Jon was just claimed "King of the North". So I doubt that after meeting Daenerys he will have any interest on taking the throne for himself. Though he will probably do everything in his power to help her.

The third theory: Jon will marry Daenerys to form an alliance and take the throne together. Besides Daenerys has already established her will to get married to make new alliances. Though it would be kind of gross if those two get married, Jon is technically her nephew, but it would probably just be a political marriage and besides Daenerys can't have children because of the curse from the "maegi" on the first season, although she didn't actually cursed her but she said "the day the sun rises on the west, the day the mountains fly like leaves do with the wind, the day you'll bear a living child within you...then your son and stars will come back to you." So unless Khal Drogo comes back to life, she won't be having any children.

But who knows if that will happen, after all Jon still has to take care of the problems at hand, like Littlefinger and what's happening beyond the wall.


The White Walkers will make the wall fall.

After being missing for a whole season this year Bran Stark showed himself again, and resumed his story. He was learning from the three eyed raven how to use his powers, how to control them, and to travel through time in his visions. If you remember one night Bran went on a vision by himself, when the Night King marked him. Thanks to that the Night King was able to find him and to walk through the spells of the cave where they were hiding and killed the three eyed raven, Summer and (damn you Bran) Hodor. Later when he ran into his uncle Benjen he said he was going back to the 7 kingdoms. Uncle Benjen couldn't go because the spells of the wall kept him and the white walkers from crossing.

Forth theory: When Bran crosses, the Night King and his army will be able to cross too, because of the mark he left on Bran. So Bran will go to find Jon and tell him about his vision, and the Night King will follow him to Winterfell, so Jon will have to fight the white walkers in there. (hopefully with the help from Daenerys and her dragons).

Last but not least.

Will There Be A Game of Thrones Prequel?

It's known that the 8th season will be the last, but there are rumors that there will be a prequel, so far that's all there are... rumors, but still wouldn't it be awesome to watch a series about Robert's rebellion and what happened with the Mad King. I guess we'll see about that when the time is right, quoting Littlefinger:

"A lot can happen between now and never"


Would you like there to be a GOT prequel?

Right now lets worry about the seventh season which unfortunately will be only seven episodes long, and will not air until next summer, because as we all know Winter Is Here. Which is why most scenes will have to be recorded in Iceland and they won't start filming till the snow comes.

Hope you enjoyed the article, feel free to leave your own theory down in the comments.