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Fans are waiting for the final two installments of the Avengers movies, following a very promising SDCC panel. Today, the Russo brothers have just announced that they start filming for the third and fourth Avengers films this week. This is coming from a recent Facebook picture with the post by the Russo brothers:

Atlanta has become a popular filming set for MCU films in the last few years. Captain America: Civil War was shot there as many of the cast members mentioned the heatwave in interviews such as Anthony Mackie calling it "hotlanta". Six months ago, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 started shooting in Atlanta and finished by the first week of June. Spider-Man: Homecoming is currently shooting in Atlanta since mid-June and the young actor Tom Holland has been posting pictures of behind the scenes.

The newest Avengers film will be the first one in which Joss Whedon will not be directing as he decided that he didn't want to do anymore. Instead, it was handed to the Russo Brothers following huge receptions and praises for their work in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Also, recently announced by MCU was that the former two-part movie will now be separate films. Therefore, the third installment to be released in May 2018 has been renamed as Avengers: Infinity Wars while the fourth installment will still be released in May 2019 but is right now under Untitled Avengers.

With these recent news for MCU, fans will know for sure that the next Avengers movie will be coming very soon and that time will pass by very fast. While the Russo brothers, cast and crew get ready to finish off the Avengers series, the wait for the film will come sooner and pass by very fast. So far, Sebastian Stan has been confirmed to reprise his role as the Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier. This means that more announcements will be coming soon for more characters making a return to the big screen.

So, fans should be excited for the filming for Avengers: Infinity Wars. Will any of you check out the set and filming in Atlanta? Express your excitement for the latest news for Avengers: Infinity Wars.


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