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First we heard that Cable is going to appear in Deadpool 2, and everyone went nuts. Then rumors of anyone from Stephen Lang (Avatar) to Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights) to play the super mutant warrior, Cable. We've even read that Fox could be looking at Oscar-nominee Liam Neeson to play the part. In between all those rumors, some speculation that Mackenzie Davis might play Domino, the mutant who can manipulate probabilities. No matter which actors they choose to play Cable and Domino is fine by me. I want to know if they are going to include Dogpool!

Dogpool: The Merc With The Bark

Dogpool in action
Dogpool in action

Here is a quick background synopsis about Dogpool. In an alternate Marvel universe (Earth-103173), two scientists were undergoing the Mascara-X program (similar to Weapon-X on Earth-616) to create a a lipstick that would replenished itself when rubbed off. These scientists performed horrible experiments on animals. One of the animals was a dog named Wilson. After the experiment on Wilson, he gained the ability to heal from any wound (except the damage to his face). But the scientists were unaware of this result, and dumped Wilson in the garbage.

Eventually, Dogpool made his way to a circus and became a huge star. Since he was able to recover from any circus act, he become known as "Deadpool the Daredevil Dog." But Mascara-X got wind of his rise to fame and wanted him back in the lab. Deadpool refused, and the scientists created a Wolverine version to hunt him down.

Wolverine from Earth-103173 to kill Dogpool
Wolverine from Earth-103173 to kill Dogpool

Dogpool won the battle, and was even recruited into the Deadpool Corps when Deadpool arrived in Dogpool's world.

Dogpool Easter Egg In Deadpool

In the scenes when we first meet Deadpool's roommate Blind Al, there are some hidden action figures scattered around the room. If you look closely, you can see a little Dogpool figure sitting on a shelf. Is this maybe a nod to having this little pooch in Deadpool 2? Why would Dogpool make Deadpool so special?

Dogpool teased in Deadpool
Dogpool teased in Deadpool

How Can Dogpool Be Referenced In Deadpool 2?

Let's face it: Everyone loves a dog (except maybe cat lovers). It only makes sense that if Wade Wilson has Blind Al as a roommate, they need a little fur baby to come home to pet after kicking some butt or making Ikea furniture. Who doesn't love having a cute, little four-legged friend greet you at the door? Not to mention Deadpool 2 could feature some funny Dogpool poop and leg-humping jokes between the two characters.

What about Deadpool breaking the fourth wall and making pop culture references? Dogpool could come in handy during these moments. Remember that scene from the movie Stand By Me when the kids are in the junkyard? The whole time they are discussing the dog that lives there. Deadpool could be fighting a group of bad guys in some junkyard and reference the famous line: "DOGPOOL! SICK BALLS!"

Another way is if Cable falls into a hole, and Dogpool runs up to Deadpool like Jimmy in the TV show Lassie. Deadpool leans down, and starts asking Dogpool questions about where Cable is hiding. "Where is boy? Did Cable fall down a well? Is he stuck in another future imperfect? Good boy, Dogpool. Good boy!" Everyone enjoys a good Lassie joke.

With Ryan Reynolds being in the Green Lantern movie, he could cross over into DC and make a joke of Krypto the Superdog! Krypto was Superboy's dog from Krypton. Jor-El sent Krypto out into space first as a test run for Kal-El's rocket. Unfortunately, it went off course and landed on Earth. Eventually the two were reunited, and Krypto gained powers from the Earth's sun. There has to be some joke that Deadpool can throw in Deadpool 2, right?


Who wants to see Dogpool take a bite out of crime in Deadpool 2?