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It's finally October, so it's time to flavor everything with pumpkin and sit in front of a TV to watch as many horror movies as humanly possible. Netflix and Hulu are the king and queen of streaming services, but we can't forget about our friends at Amazon who allow me to drunkenly send myself gifts from time to time. So for those of us who like to celebrate Halloween all October long, here are the best 10 horror movies streaming on Amazon Prime right now.

The list will only contain horror movies that are exclusive to Amazon and are not on Hulu or Netflix.

10. '13 Sins' (2014)

I'm starting off the list with two movies that involve a plot centered around the horrors of playing a game for money. The first one is Daniel Stamm's 13 Sins. Mark Webber (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) stars as a man down on his luck and desperate for money, who is willing to play a series of sinister games to turn that luck around. 13 Sins is fast paced, and thrills more than chills, but it's definitely worth the watch. If you're not yet convinced, then the fact that Ron Perlman is also in the movie should have you streaming it immediately.

9. 'Cheap Thrills' (2013)

Here's another movie revolving around the horrors of playing a truth-or-dare-type game for money. If you like your horror more personal and indie, then this might be the better of the two for you. 13 Sins chews up a larger scenery, Cheap Thrills lets all its characters do the work, and that's all the audience really needs. Where 13 Sins provides the thrills, this viewing is going to be for the one who leans more toward dark comedy. E.L. Katz makes a character-driven movie that's worthy for any horror fan's viewing night.

8. 'Goodnight Mommy' (2014)

I will go ahead and give you the warning I was not given: Goodnight Mommy is not what it appears to be in this trailer. Don't watch this movie expecting a fast-paced horror movie. This is a slow, methodical, psychological horror film that is without a doubt the most suspenseful movie on the list. The horrors aren't the creatures that fly out at the characters with a loud noise. The horrors come from the time you spend with these three characters, not knowing who to trust.

7. 'The Woman In Black' (2012)

It wouldn't be a complete horror movie list without a haunted house. We all have at least seen one. The haunted house movie lives and dies on the tone, atmosphere and consequences for our protagonist. These are the reasons a movie like The Haunted Mansion don't work, but a movie like The Shining can be one of the best movies ever made. The Woman in Black is not the best haunted house movie, but it's definitely a good one. In a time where flashy, digital horror films are taking over, movies like The Woman in Black and Crimson Peak provide a nice solace, and bring back the vintage horror style that many of us grew up on.

6. 'Halloween' (2007)

I'm sure many of you have rolled your eyes at the mere presence of Rob Zombie's Halloween appearing on this list. I have no shame in saying that I watch this movie every year in October, and I'm going to just push some of you away and say that I think Rob Zombie's Halloween II is one of the best, if not the best in the series.

Now, for those of you still left reading, I will assume that everyone is aware of Michael Myers. I understand the love for John Carpenter's conception of Myers as a mysterious boogeyman, but Zombie doesn't have any intention on remaking Carpenter's Myers. That movie already exists. Zombie hits the iconic scenes of the original, humanizes Myers, and puts his own style of filmmaking on this remake. Zombie dives into the psyche of these characters, even more so in the sequel, and the only thing that can come from it is pure evil and carnage.

5. 'Under The Skin' (2013)

I guess if I would have an artsy pick, then Under the Skin would fill that slot. Scarlett Johansson has a way of playing characters that have no human emotions, and then mimicking them to reach a final form. She does this splendidly in my favorite film in probably the last 10 years, Her. She also pulls this style of character off quite well in Under the Skin. Johansson plays an alien who seduces lonely men back to her place for their final moments of life. The movie keeps its cards close to its chest, so the mystery is quite open to interpretation throughout the movie, but it's a wonderfully crafted, yet creepy sci-fi horror.

4. 'Blue Ruin' (2013)

I can't explain how good Blue Ruin is. This movie isn't just for horror fans, but for people who genuinely like movies. It's a classic revenge plot, but writer/director Jeremy Saulnier able crafts every element of his film for a highly enjoyable viewing experience. The scenes are gorgeous, the characters compelling, and each element of the story allows the audience to fully embrace the emotions these characters are experiencing. There's not a single moment where you will lose interest in this movie.

3. 'The Town That Dreaded Sundown' (2014)

This is without a doubt one of the most unique takes on a movie remake. Little more than a fun slasher movie, it's ranked so highly on the list because of its creativity. Plus, it's just a blast to watch. The Town That Dreaded Sundown was originally released in 1976. Set in a small Texas town in 1946, it tells the tale of a hooded killer terrorizing the town's inhabitants.

The beauty of the remake is that it incorporates the original movie into its story. Sixty-five years later, a new killer begins to copy the killings that take place in the the original. There's scenes where the cops are studying the original 1976 release to try to figure out the killer's next move. It's a clever take on the bloated scene of the horror remake, and it brings all the fun of the classic slasher movies we fell in love with.

2. 'I Saw The Devil' (2010)

When people ask for a movie recommendation, this is usually my first mention. I Saw The Devil is absolutely relentless. I will go ahead and say this movie is not for everyone. The violence never ceases, but the movie is so well directed that it's almost a thing of beauty to watch. There's really no protagonist; it's a movie about people doing horrible things under extreme circumstances. The plot follows a secret agent exacting revenge on a man who has murdered his fiancée. The secret agent continues to torture his fiancée's murderer through a series of catch and releases, with each capture more brutal than the last. I Saw the Devil is cringe-worthy, and I mean that in the best way possible.

1. 'Spring' (2014)

Spring is my No. 1 pick. If you want to read more details about it, check out my review here. The movie tells the story of US man having difficulties in his life, who decides to flee to Italy. It's there that he strikes up a romance with a mysterious woman who is hiding a dark secret. This isn't really a straight-up horror movie; it's more of a romantic horror. If you will allow me to quote myself: "Spring is a visual representation of what it is to love someone at their most horrifying moments, and that's beautiful."

Enjoy your October viewing. If you have other movies on Amazon that you would recommend, then leave those suggestions in the comments below. Do you have a favorite in the suggestions above, or would you rank them differently? Let your voice be heard! Thank you for reading, and if you like the article, please give it a share and that just sends good vibes my way to make my day a little more tolerable.