'The Dark Knight Rises' Parody Offers Alternate Endings

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The Dark Knight Rises closed in such spectacular style; there's no doubt in our minds that it was the perfect ending for Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. Loose ends were wrapped up, Bruce Wayne gets out of the superhero game and paves the way for a potential successor; what more could you ask for? Well the folks over at How It Should Have Ended reckon it could have been a little bit funnier. Here are their suggestions for alternate endings via Comic Book, watch it all the way through; they save the best for last.

To be fair, those would have been much funnier — and in some cases, perhaps a little more realistic — endings. That said we're pretty glad that Nolan ended the franchise the way he did; nice and final so we won't see endless sequels, but with just the right amount of wiggle room to allow the potential for a Nightwing spin off.

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