Is Vin Diesel Back For 'xXx 3'?

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It's been a long ten years since Vin Diesel came flying off a burning building on a motorbike onto the big screen in the very first xXx movie. Now it seems that is looking to both re-seize directorial power and bring Xander Cage back from the dead in xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. In the words of Keanu Reeves: "Woah."

While promoting his current thriller Alex Cross, Cohen talked it all out with Crave Online. Apparently, between xXx 1 and 2, the lead actor and director had a massive falling out resulting in them both dropping the project and Diesel's character Xander Cage actually being killed off and replaced by Ice Cube's Darius Stone for xXx: State of the Union. Cohen said:

Well, I was so mad at Vin at that time but yes, I always felt like that was like an oddity and that we would want to bring him back and give him a backstory.

This is great news for fans of the original xXx movie, if it turns out to be true. Of course, there's no guarantee Diesel will want to return to the thriller action franchise, especially as he's got so much on the go with Fast & Furious 6 in production and 7 in the pipeline. However, Cohen is pretty hopeful that he can win back his star:

I'm just waiting for Vin to get his head out of doing back-to-back Fasts to sit down and really get him to focus on doing xXx 3D.

We don't have much info on the plot yet, but Cohen let slip that Cage would be up against a troublesome twin brother and sister in the new movie. Also, he's extremely excited about the 3D effects and is looking to bring back the extreme sports in a big way. Here's a commercial Cohen made for Verizon's high-speed internet service featuring a dude in a wingsuit, which he apparently imagines having a huge part in the upcoming movie:

Imagine a fight sequence in wingsuits! This guy just keeps getting crazier, and don't we love it. In terms of plot, we don't have many expectations right now. We only hope Diesel will be back in 2013 to reprise his smart talking bad-ass secret agent Cage, as described him, "dirty, dangerous and uncivilized".

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