UbiSoft Fast Tracks 'Assassin's Creed' Film

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Our hopes of seeing an adaptation of historical fiction franchise Assassin's Creed on the big screen have taken a step closer to becoming reality, with an announcement from video game publisher UbiSoft. An official statement from the company, via Den of Geek, confirmed the involvement of , and their desire to bring the project to fans as soon as possible.

According to the source "the project is being fast tracked", with work on a screenplay beginning immediately. Apparently, the project has been quietly building Hollywood interest for a while now, with UbiSoft revealing a partnership with New Regency, with Fox lined up to distribute. The company is quick to reassure fans that they will "maintain control of key elements of the movie's creative direction".

Always one of the more promising video game adaptations, Assassin's Creed is really shaping up nicely. Great source material, and high profile Hollywood collaborators like Fassbender announced as both starring and producing have me feeling good about this project. Blending historical fiction and sci-fi elements, Assassin's Creed has the potential to bring in a huge audience; all it needs now is a director capable of realizing the scope and scale of the games. Who would be your top pick to helm the project be?

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