'Life Of Pi' Sends Out A Message In A Bottle

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Every single piece of promotional material we're seeing from 's Life of Pi looks completely stunning. Whether it's the 10 second teaser we posted way back in June, either of its full length trailers, or even that first promotional still, Lee's blend of CGI and stunning real life locations has really captured our imaginations. This latest clip, via Moviefone, doesn't disappoint, showing us the beginning of Pi Patel's battle of wills with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker.

It's a little less action packed than the clip we showed last week, but still equally intriguing. The 50 second clip promises a certain thoughtful introspection to go with the film's more obvious charms, quashing our concerns that Yann Martel's touching story might be lost among the visual set pieces.

The first wave of reviews are in, all of them gushing effusively not only over the film's imagery, but also performance as Pi. All these little factors have us convinced that come it's release on November 21st, Life of Pi will be the surprise hit of the year we've been predicting all along.

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