Tom Hiddleston Considering 'Star Wars'

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Not that he's been asked or anything, but just so you know, would consider a part in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens if he happened to be approached. Now everyone can relax.

Of course, a revelation of such magnitude begs so many 'would you consider doing it?' based follow-up questions, like, would Hiddleston consider going back in time to erase any trace of the most annoying sidekick ever, Jar Jar Binks?

Anyway, in a recent interview with Digital Spy, in which he also went out of his way to praise producer (who is guiding these new Star Wars things), Hiddleston said that he would "absolutely" be interested in a role in Star Wars, and that:

I'm a huge fan, especially of the first three, because I grew up watching Star Wars: A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. So, absolutely, yeah.

It could happen. After all, Hiddleston does have somewhat of an advantage, having worked with Kennedy (the president of Lucasfilm and brand manager of the Star Wars frachise) before, on Spielberg's War Horse. He's also made lifelong fans from more than just the comic book movie crowd with his portrayals of Loki in both Thor and The Avengers.

I want to see Tom in a good guy role this time, and he is definitely the Jedi type. I've been pretty skeptical about the new Star Wars movies up until this point, what with all the mention of taking on a role, but if all else fails, at least Loki will give me a reason to watch it.

Does the idea of Hiddleston venturing to a galaxy far, far away give you heart palpitations? Which role do you think he'd suit? Would a brand new character be the way to go? Sound off in the comments.

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