'Star Trek Into Darkness': Is Harry Mudd A Girl?

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As with the first Abrams Trek, IDW is doing their four-issue comic prequel, and the second issue to ' upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness just hit the stands. In it, we get a look at some more clues about what to expect from the big screen sequel.

According to Comic Book, we're introduced to a new character in the form of Bajoran rogue calling herself Mudd. It looks like that's a reference to Harcourt Fenton 'Harry' Mudd, a comical conman played by in the original series episodes Mudd's Women and I, Mudd as well as in the animated series' Mudd's Passion.

Should we expect to see Harry become Harriet, then? As for what this clue means for Star Trek Into Darkness, we'll have to wait until May to be sure. Harry Mudd was one of the early villain rumors that came out, but we know that isn't likely playing him. So how will this female Mudd fit into the movie, if at all? Things just got a bit more interesting, and annoying...

Star Trek Into Darkness his theaters May 15th. Enough waiting already?

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