Just Exactly How Bloodthirsty Are You?

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Are you a mosquito...or are you full-blown Vlad the Impaler?

  1. How do you feel about blood, aesthetically?

    • It has a pleasant, viscous consistency and a taste to rival the finest wines
    • It freaks me out
    • I'm a total gorehound
  2. What's the worst thing a vampire can do?

    • Sparkle
    • Bite people
    • Not embrace the full potential of his beautiful bloodlust
  3. What do you think Vlad the Impaler was like?

    • Just a collection of urban legends and superstition
    • A complex man who unleashed his darker nature
    • A nasty man
  4. Sharp teeth are...

    • A massive inconvenience, I would imagine
    • Necessary for me to drain my victims dry
    • Cool at a party
  5. How do you like your Dracula?

    • A cartoon on my tasty chocolate cereal
    • Old black and white movies, with big collars
    • Bloodied, sadistic and deeply disturbed
  6. Take a look at this image. How do you feel?

    • Interested - that looks like a good film
    • Sick - that's vile.
    • Curious - how did you get hold of my home movies?
  7. How much blood have you ever seen at one time?

    • I've seen some pretty gory movies
    • I cut my finger once
    • The streets ran red with blood, in dark rivers
  8. How much bodily fluid have you ever shared with another living being?

    • LOL seriously?
    • I gave blood once
    • I let a mortal drink of me, thus enlightening him to my nefarious underworld
  9. Why do you drink blood?

    • Ew, I don't. That's gross.
    • Because it's delicious and fascinating
    • To look cool
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