Which Batman Are You?

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Are You West,Keaton,Kilmer,God Help You If You're A Clooney,Congrats If You Are A Bale Or Are You The Brutal Ninja Like Batfleck.

  1. Which Villain is Your Favourite?

    • Jared Leto Joker
    • Riddler
    • Heath Ledger Joker
    • Jack Nicholson Joker
    • Two Face
    • Penguin
    • Mr Freeze
    • The Suicide Squad
  2. Which Batmobile is Your Favourite?

    • The Tumbler
    • Black And Blue With Wall Climbing Capabilities
    • A F*****G Disco Ball
    • 1989 Black With Jet Engine Fins Sliding Cockpit And Machine Guns
    • The Batfleck-Mobile Looks Badass With All The Curves, Pointiness And Guns
    • 1960's Red And Black Has A Phone And A Red Light On Top
  3. Which Movie Is The Best?

    • Batman (1966)
    • Batman (1989)
    • Batman Forever
    • The Dark Knight
    • Superman v Batman: Dawn Of Justice
    • Batman And Robin
  4. Favourite Batman Actor?

    • Ben Affleck
    • Christian Bale
    • Adam West
    • Michael Keaton
    • George Clooney
    • Val Kilmer
  5. Which Movie Ending is Your Favourite?

    • All Villains Caught And Put In Jail
    • Villain Escapes
    • Mysterious Ending
    • Cringy Happy Ending
    • Villain Dies
    • Your Movie Isn't Released But We Have High Hopes For It's Outcome And Ending But So Far The Trailer Looks Badass!
    • Villain Gets Caught But Has A Master Plan
    • Villain Goes Insane
    • Fake Your Own Death To Save The City
  6. Which Suit is Your Favourite?

    • Bat-Nipples
    • Spandex With Grey And Blue
    • Black Rubber Big Leather Cape
    • Black Rubber With Gold Emblem
    • Black And Grey Like The Dark Knight Returns And Superman Batman Dawn Of Justice
    • All Black
  7. Favourite Quote?

    • "Tell Me Do You Bleed."
    • "Does It Come In Black?"
    • "Some Days You Just Can't Get Rid Of A Bomb"
    • "Tell Your Friends About Me"
    • I'm The Hero This City Deserves But Not The One It Needs Right Now"
    • "Hi Freeze, I'm Batman"
    • "Try Fireman Less To Take Off"
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