Would You Survive a Horror Movie?

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Would you escape? Would you die? Answer the questions already.

  1. Let's start off easy. What's your ethnicity?

    • African/African-American
    • Caucasian
    • Asian
    • Not listed here
    • Latino
  2. What do you typically do when you hear a strange noise in your house?

    • Check it out, but from a distance.
    • I check it out, just to make sure nobody's in my house.
    • It's probably nothing. I wouldn't worry about it.
    • Run away, run away, run away, NOPE NOPE NOPE
  3. Rumors are going around that the house you just bought is haunted. Thoughts?

    • I'd leave the MINUTE I see something.
    • Ghosts don't exist.
    • Move out NOW.
    • Rumors are rumors. But if there IS a ghost, I'd try to help it.
  4. Someone has been following you for quite a while. What do you do?

    • He might just so happen to be going where I'm going. Nothing to freak out about.
    • Threaten him. If he doesn't stop, I'll call 911.
    • Get his number, stalking is pretty hot.
    • Go to a public area and dial 911.
  5. Someone unknown is trying to call you.

    • Ugh. Telemarketers. IGNORE!
    • Answer, but hang up if it gets weird. It could be someone I know.
    • *69! :D
    • Talk to them, maybe they have something interesting to say.
  6. You're home alone with your girl/boyfriend. What do you two do?

    • We'd probably get bored and go out to eat or something.
    • We'd cuddle.
    • Watch a movie, play a game, I don't know.
    • I'm single
  7. You see this guy staring at you. Thoughts?

    • SPRINT!
    • Walk away while staring back at him
    • Go see what his problem is.
    • Wait until I get out of his sight, and then run.
    • Look back at him to make sure he doesn't move, while also calling 911

    • I watch in terror because I'm so scared!
    • I try to find a weapon from a distance to help.
  9. People around you are mysteriously dying.

    • I figure out what's happening and try to stop it.
    • Things happen. You have to let it go.
    • I'm really scared, so I keep my distance from people.
    • I help those who have lost their loved ones however I can.
  10. A psychopath wants you to play a game of life and death, threatening to kill you if you don't accept. What do you do?

    • I'd better accept. Who knows what might happen?
    • I call his bluff.
    • I'm seriously too scared to think.
    • Ask as many questions as possible, see if there's a way around it.
  11. A serial killer is looking for you! Where do you hide?

    • Hiding? I fight the killer with whatever I can find!
    • Hiding? I make some sort of diversion to make him go away.
    • In a spot where I KNOW he can't get me.
    • Hiding? I get the heck outta there!
    • Whatever covers my body the most.
  12. HE'S FOUND YOU AND IS CHASING YOU! Are you a good runner?

    • I'm pretty good at running.
    • I can run fine, but I trip a lot.
    • Eh. I'm not really the best.
    • Yes, I run track and everything.
    • No, I'm a really bad runner.
  13. Final Question. How well do you know your horror movies?

    • I've watched enough to be a fan.
    • I'm a total horror geek! Ask me anything.
    • Horror movies are stupid in my opinion.
    • I'm a total scaredy cat. No horror for me!
    • I generally stay away from horror.
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