What kind of movies do you love?

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Find out your secret movie kind

  1. How much time do you spend on movies?

    • 1 movies a day...
    • 1-2 movies a day...
    • More than 3 movies a day...
    • Maybe 1 in a month?
  2. You like happy endings?

    • I don't know? And i don't care...
    • No not so much.
    • Yeah sometimes, but not in a romantic way...
    • It haveto end happy!
  3. Do you like getting scared?

    • Maybe in one scene...
    • What's scared?
    • No. You shouldent get scared at all!
    • YES! Awecorese!
  4. Do things need to be complicated?

    • yes but in the end it will be all good.
    • no, it just needs to be a good movie!
    • Yes, it must be a problem!
    • movies are complicated...
  5. Do you eat snacks to movies?

    • well... I would probely be so in the movie i woulden't eat it anyways...
    • No
    • yes!
    • sometimes...
  6. How much do you like movies?

    • Not at all...
    • Very much!
    • Can't live without them!
    • super much!
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