What Vampire Are You?

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Are you raging in darkness or proud to be in the light?

  1. Do you prefer light or darkness?

    • It all depends...
    • Darkness.
    • light.
  2. Would you rather sit inside all day or go out and explore?

    • Go out and explore
    • Sit inside all day
    • It all depends on my mood...
  3. Would you consider yourself a baddy or a little more layed back?

    • Im totally bad!!
    • Both..!
    • I guess layed back
  4. Which power do you think you would use most?

    • Super Senses!
    • I wanna be super fast!!
    • Compelling people duhh...
  5. Would you rather watch the Vampire Diaries or Twilight?

    • The Vampire Diaries all day!
    • ummm... neither
    • Totally Twilight!
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