Which Minion Are You: Kevin, Stuart or Bob?

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  1. When someone upsets you..

    • I will confront him or her!
    • I will upset that person back!
    • I will cry!
  2. Accidentally blew up something.

    • It wasn't me!
    • Laugh at it!
    • Not a big deal.
    • Try to fix it.
  3. You will be turned into a wolf.

    • Never! I will never be a wolf!
    • I would be an Alpha Wolf.
    • I would be a Baby Wolf.
    • I would be a Lone Wolf.
  4. How to get what you want?

    • Ask for it. I always get what I want.
    • Earn it. I will work hard to get what I want.
    • Secret. I will get what I want no matter what.
  5. Finally, you are..

    • The eldest child.
    • The youngest child.
    • The middle child.
    • The only child.
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