#TBT Harvest Moon Quiz: Who is your wife from Mineral Town?

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  1. When are you the happiest?

    • When people worship me!
    • When my friends and family are happy!
    • Have the freedom to explore the world!
    • Helping those in need!
    • Being loved!
    • When I am able to do something I love!
    • Being understood!
  2. Would you ever move to a far away land?

    • Never!!
    • I'll discuss with my other half first.
    • Yes, definitely!!
    • Depends on where it is.
  3. Which of the following is your favorite taste?

    • Salty.
    • Spicy.
    • Can’t decide, I love all of them especially when the dish is delicious!!
    • Sour.
    • Bitter.
    • Sweet.
    • Umami.
  4. Is it a must that your other half knows how to cook?

    • Doesn’t matter, we can always dine out!
    • Not really but he/she should be able to make something simple!
    • I'll learn how to cook if he/she doesn't know how!
    • If it is possible, yes.
    • Yes, utmost importance! He/she must also be great at it!
  5. Your favorite season.

    • Summer!
    • Winter!
    • Spring!
    • Fall!
    • All of them!
  6. Lastly, which of these is the most important?

    • Knowledge!
    • Food!
    • Entertainment!
    • Virtue!
    • Nature!
    • Health!
    • Family!
    • Love!
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