Which Female X-man are you?

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Which female X-men are you ?

  1. Xavier is dead, Magento makes an offer to join him .. What do you say?

    • "I agree, a change is needed, I hate to be on the loosing side, more wine?"
    • "Never, once and X-man always an X-man."
    • "Of course I'll join Eric, my loyalty to you has never wavered."
    • "I believe in a world where mutants and human can go exist. My answer is no.
    • Pops a bubble "Come again?"
    • "Xavier may be dead Eric, but his dream will live on until my dying breath."
    • You look conflicted and say " I... I don't know. Can I have sometime to think about this?"
    • "I am sure things cannot get any worst, it's like we can never catch a break. We will always be feared. What the hell, I'm in."
  2. Sabertooth is stalking the mansion, you are the only one there, do you .....

    • Confront Sabertooth outside, showing him why he picked the wrong day to come around.
    • Teleport him to a place where to rip and claw is common place.
    • Run for your life but give him one hell of a fight while doing so.
    • Join forces with him and hunt down any remaining X-men.
    • Beat him to a pulp and when he gets up beat him down again.
    • Talk trash to him, call him a savage while you take over his mind.
    • Play hide and seek, stalling for time until help arrives.
    • Give him a headache unlike the which he has never seen.
  3. Cyclops and Wolverine has split the team into two, do you...

    • Side with Wolverine, Cyclops has truly lost it.
    • Side with Cyclops, after all I can always manipulate him.
    • Side with Cyclops, his ideals are becoming more to my liking.
    • Side with Wolverine, the only father figure you really ever had.
    • Side with Cyclops, I will never be accepted with the others.
    • Unsure what to do you side with Wolverine... for now.
    • Side with Cyclops, he may be wrong but prehaps you can make him see the light.
    • Side with Wolverine, a true and trust friend for many years.
  4. It's girls night out for the X-ladies, time to choose your outfit, do you...

    • Dress spunky with a flare for a bit of flash
    • Dress in revealing clothing, you got it flaunt it.
    • What I really have to dress up?
    • Dress fairly modestly and conservative
    • Dress traditional showing off your culture
    • Put on a nice dress , after all its not often you go out.
    • Dress in something completely not you just to be different.
    • Dress eloquent and beautiful as always
  5. You have a crush on one of the X-men, your crush is...

    • Anyone foolish enough to fall into my trap.
    • I tried to ignore it for so long, but Logan and I always had this unwritten thing.
    • Gambit, I got a thing for accents.
    • Big tall and handsome, perhaps that Russian over there , he seems nice,
    • No one, so gross , that be like dating my dad or brother, yuk
    • I have demons eating my soul and you expect me to love?
    • Cyclops, I hear he has a thing for telepaths.
    • My first true crush, Cyclops however Wolverine does have the primal appeal to him doesn't he?
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