Which Power Ranger (MMPR) are you?

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You wanted to be a Power Ranger when you were a kid, now you're in the big league to live the dream! It's Morphin Time!

  1. What is your favorite color?

    • Blue
    • Black
    • Green/White
    • Pink
    • Red
    • Yellow
  2. When Rita and/or Zedd attacks Earth, what would do as Zordon contacts you to report to the Command Centre?

    • Play video games rather than save the world
    • Run away like a chicken
    • take a nap
    • Teleport right away
    • Party like it's the end of the world like a moronic ninny like nothing is happening around you.
  3. If you were any of the Rangers, what personality suits you?

    • Cheerleader, spontanious, and athletic
    • Calm, sensible, and peaceful
    • Party-type, fun loving, and hip
    • Strategic, Smart, and intelligent
    • Tough, Fast, Quick on your feet, and serious
    • Better than any of the Rangers on your team. Deal with the bad guy yourself.
  4. If you get defeated by a monster....?

    • Get back in the fight and use your individual weapon or combine your weapon with the others to defeat them.
    • Regroup to the Command Centre and rethink your strategies on how to destroy the monster and find it's weakness.
    • Use another Ranger's weapon
    • Fight the monster by counter-attacking from above.
  5. What would you do if a fellow teammate is out of power?

    • One of your friends should fill in when 1 of the 5 or 6 of the Rangers is absent doing a project or is not active at the moment.
    • Send him/her back to the Command Center and have your team handle the conflict.
    • Use the Green Ranger's Dragon shield.
  6. If your Megazord isn't strong enough, what other Zord would you call instead to resolve the conflict of the day?

    • Titanus
    • Dragonzord
    • ...Or have both to combine with the Megazord in order for the Mighty Ultrazord combination.
  7. What's the one thing you would do if you were to find a new source of power?

    • Keep my powers/morpher.
    • Get a new kind of power
    • Get elected to be part of a Peace Conference and just quit. Give my morpher/power coin to someone else.
    • Pass on my power to anyone else who may be capable of handling such power.
    • Embark to a desert or any unknown location on Earth to be granted ninja powers.
  8. When not fighting any evil space alien, where would you be at the moment?

    • Teaching karate.
    • Teaching kids hip-hop hakito.
    • At your house, doing whatever such-ever.
    • At the Youth center, doing whatever such-ever.
    • Don't have time to do such things. When danger happens, you know what is coming.
    • At the mall
    • At the park
  9. What Ranger design would you perfer?

    • no preferrence. They're all great.
    • big-budget armored suits
    • Good ol' usual Spandex
    • Spandex covered in dark glitter.
  10. What Zord would you use mostly to battle Rita/Zedd and their monsters?

    • Pteradactyl
    • Mastodon
    • Tyrannosaurus
    • Dragonzord
    • Saber-Tooth Tiger
    • Triceratops
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