What would your fate in Westeros be?

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You are now living in Westeros, home of the beloved HBO show Game of Thrones. Will you find yourself on the Iron Throne, as a member of the Night's Watch, or in the Sky Cells?

  1. First off, who is your favorite Game of Thrones character?

    • Bran Stark
    • Theon Greyjoy
    • Joffrey Baratheon
    • Varys
    • Ned Stark
    • Tyrion Lannister
    • Littlefinger
    • Jon Snow
    • Arya Stark
    • HODOR
    • Daenerys Targaryen
    • Jaime Lannister
  2. What is it you most desire in life?

    • Power, and I will stop at nothing to get it.
    • To learn all I can about the mysteries of the world.
    • Wealth
    • Influence.
    • To survive the Winter (hopefully).
    • To protect my loved ones.
    • To be honest and loyal in all situations.
    • To help those in need.
  3. What House do you claim allegiance to?

    • Stark
    • Baratheon
    • Greyjoy
    • Lannister
    • Martell
    • Targaryen
    • None. I bow to no one.
    • Tyrell
  4. You see a dragon flying towards the city. How do you react?

    • Pray to the Seven for help.
    • Warg into the dragon and make it fly away.
    • Dragons aren't real. You must be seeing things.
    • Run and hide in the local brothel.
    • It's OK. I'm the one who called it here.
    • Distract it and lead it away from the innocent people.
    • Cry and pee yourself a little. Or a lot.
    • Summon the rest of the Kingsguard and try to kill it.
  5. Which season of Game of Thrones is your favorite?

    • Season 5
    • The books are better
    • Season 1
    • Season 4
    • Season 2
    • Season 3
    • I'm sure Season 6 will be the best
  6. If you could kill off one character, who would it be?

    • Littlefinger
    • Jorah
    • Brienne
    • Sansa
    • Davos
    • Joffrey (again)
    • Other
    • Margaery
    • Bran
    • Cersei
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