Need A Reason To Watch 'The Three Stooges'? Three Words: Snooki Eye Poke

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You know when something is so bad, it's good? That's not the case for The Three Stooges. Not even Larry David dressed as a nun could perform that miracle. Sorry guys, but even Sofia Vergara's impressive funbags are not enough to convince us. The first trailer of The Three Stooges is well...slapstick at best. And what's with adding Jersey Shore into the mix? What was the strategy behind that?!

After watching the trailer a couple of times more questions pop to mind: Why? Why are they doing this? The Three Stooges belong in the past; it's still funny for people who grew up with it, for vintage lovers... and maybe for some self-obsessed Tarantino-wannabes, who like to torture their friends with Three Stooges marathons and other forgotten gems. But even the hardcore fans of this type of comedy might be confused by this weird hybrid of eye-poking and voluptuous nuns in cutaway swimsits. At least we get to see Snooki Polizzi getting poked in the eyes. But, this is the highlight of the teaser (and possibly the film), and even that's painful to watch.

At the risk of doing permanent damage to your eyes, watch on....

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