'Men In Black 3': Say Hello To The True Stars Of The Movie...The Aliens!

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Sure Will Smith is cool, Tommy Lee Jones is even cooler, but what will make Men In Black 3 worth watching? Easy: the ridiculously cool retro aliens! Here's your chance to admire this bunch of weird creatures from up close (via ComingSoon), including the super-villain Boris, played by Jemaine Clement. You have to admit: he looks pretty intimidating! We can't believe this is the same funny guy from Flight of the Conchords...

And who is the man behind such awesomeness? Makeup effects genius Rick Baker, who thought that since MIB 3 will be about time travel, the aliens should also look like they're from the 60s! He's visibly proud of the result:

This guy is a true master, and you'll have to agree: no amount of CGI could beat old fashioned make up and prosthetics! Just check out this lovely orange dude:

And here is Clement gearing up to play Boris...but what's up with that octopus?

Creating these amazing creatures must require a great deal of craft and dedication: those tentacles won't glue themselves!

These fellas are going to land in a theater near you May 25: watch out!

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