Scorsese Does It His Way For New Sinatra Biopic

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Talking to ET Online Martin Scorsese has discussed, among other things, how the proposed Frank Sinatra biopic is coming along. The Chairman Of The Board was the ripe old age of 82, when he passed away in 1998, and what a life he led—in fact, he had such an eventful time that it's causing problems for Mr. Scorsese: 

It's too unwieldy. I'd love to tell the whole story, but the idea of art is to figure out where to start because we can't tell his whole life story. If we told the whole story of Sinatra, it would be 15 hours. 

As much as I love Sinatra, 15 hours is a bit much. So while they figure out a narrative, they have another issue to contend with: who will play the man himself. Leonardo Di Caprio has always had his eyes on the role, but Scorsese has other ideas: 

We could go for an unknown. Maybe the person who plays him isn't important. Maybe it's distracting to have a star in that role

No matter what period of Sinatra's life they pick or who portrays him, two things are clear: Ol' Blue Eyes' voice will make an appearance, and the movie will have to do his legend justice. Martin Scorsese is confident that he is the man to make it happen. 

Read the full interview at ETOnline

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