Maggie Grace Talks 'Lockout' and 'Taken 2'

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Why do bad people keep kidnapping Maggie Grace? Thanks to the guys at we may be closer to finding out! In a round-table interview with them, the Lost star discussed her latest two films, Lockout and Taken 2

First things first, Lockout sees Maggie playing the role of Emilie Warnock, the President's daughter who—for some ridiculous reason—is on a good-will mission to a space-prison which holds Earth's most twisted and dangerous criminals. As bad luck would have it, Emilie gets caught up in prison riot and things quickly get out of hand. Thankfully however, disgraced Agent Snow (Guy Pearce) is on hand to go and retrieve the precious cargo before the prison filled with deranged psychopaths falls out of the sky. Don't roll your eyes like that! I know it sounds a bit out there, but Maggie reassures us that her character is no damsel in distress. 

She's incredibly capable. I think she has that within her to begin with when the situation demands it. 

Maggie's character in Taken, Kim, is also taking on a more capable and pro-active role in the upcoming sequel. 

Well, she's more empowered this time around. Her parents are abducted, so she's left to try to help rescue them. It pretty much picks up where the other film left off. 

So the rescued becomes the rescuer, I hope her Dad (Liam Neeson) has taught her that very particular set of skills in the 4 years since since she was 'taken', otherwise she'll be no use to them! 

To see Maggie Grace in peril, but handling it better than she has in the past, you wont have to wait long, Lockout hits cinemas this Friday and Taken 2 is out October 5th. 

Listen to the full interview on ComicBookMovie

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