'Noah' To Be Released March 2014: Will Jennifer Connelly Be Re-Teaming With Darren Aronofsky And Russell Crowe?

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Jennifer Connelly had undeniable chemistry with her co-star Russell Crowe in 2001's A Beautiful Mind, when the handsome pair played genius husband and his patient wife, John and Alicia Nash. We're way excited that we might get to see the two together again in Aronofsky's epic Noah.


The Tracking Board reports that Connelly is in negotiations to play the female lead opposite Russell Crowe's Noah. This would mean not only a re-teaming for both her and Crowe, as well as her second pairing with director Aronofsky — with whom she worked on Requiem For a Dream. Surely this would mean keenness on her part to take the role of Noah's wife, Naameh.


Apparently, Saoirse Ronan (The Host) is also close to signing onto the film, presumably to play one of Noah's son's wives. As always, we're thrilled to see Ronan on-screen.

What's more,  the film has a new release date. One for the diary kids: March 28 2014. See you there.

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