Charlie Kaufman To Adapt Next Big Franchise 'Chaos Walking' For Lionsgate

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Charlie Kaufman, the imaginative writer behind cult classics like Being John Malkovic and The Eternal Sunshine Of the Spotless Mind, is being eyed by Lionsgate to pen the script for the next big franchise coming our way: Chaos Walking.

Surely Lionsgate is not wasting any time: they still have one last Breaking Dawn to go and two more movies from The Hunger Games series, but they've already secured Patrick Ness's young adult novels. Not that we're complaining, the story is pretty intriguing: in a dystopian future, while humans are busy colonizing a planet, the spread of an infection called the Noise suddenly makes all thought audible. In the midst of chaos, a corrupt autocrat takes advantage of the situation. Only a young boy named Todd Hewitt can stop the destruction of the entire planet.

This is not your average Charlie Kaufman indie drama, but he's definitely got what it takes to make this already promising material into a fascinating movie.

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