Michelle Pfeiffer Talks 'Dark Knight Rises' And The Catwoman Spin-Off That Never Was

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Michelle Pfeiffer talked to Empire Magazine (via ComicBookMovie.com) on her time as Catwoman in 1992's Batman Returns and what she thinks of passing the baton onto Anne Hathaway.

Pfeiffer said that she knew straightaway that she wanted to play Catwoman, but Annette Bening had already been cast. When Bening fell out of the project, she accepted the role immediately:

So I went and he gave me the script and I got halfway through and said yes. But you know, honestly, I would have done it anyway, even without reading the script. But I was very happy that she was actually very well written... Dark characters are always more interesting and she's really very dark. That whole split personality is interesting.

Pfeiffer obviously loved the role very much: She revealed that she nearly played Catwoman in a short-lived Tim Burton spin-off and she would have reprised the role again in The Dark Knight Rises had director Christopher Nolan asked her! So does this mean she isn't looking forward to Hathaway's take on Selina Kyle? Not at all:


Oh, I think she's great. I'm actually very much looking forward to seeing her in the role. I'm a big fan of hers and I think she has everything you need for that role. She has the humour, she can go to dark places, she's obviously very talented. I think she's going to be really good.
So do we, Michelle, so do we!


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